Trapped By The Hairy Hand Of Fate!
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Jess Nevins presents: Six-Gun Gorilla! The story of one gorilla's quest for vengeance across the Old West. The archetypal cowboy ape, publicly available for the first time.

Originally published in 1939, Six-Gun Gorilla is available as a result of Nevins' (completed) Kickstarter for the Encyclopedia of Golden Age Superheroes.

Jess Nevins previously: 1, 2, 3, 4.
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I've been looking forward to reading this for a while. I just wish it was OCR'd and not just a PDF scan of the pages. I wanted this to live on my Kindle forever.
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You could do some OCR yourself, with free online or desktop computer OCR programs (the comparison is from 2011, so some links may be dead, but it's a start.)
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I don't have time to read this right now (at work), but a quick look at the intro and a brief flip through the first chapter leads me to believe that this will be awesome. I sort of wish it was a comic, though. That cover image is great and I really wish there was an entire comic with that gorilla running around in it!
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I was looking into doing the conversion myself but I just got confirmation from Jess Nevins on Twitter that he will eventually put out an ebook of Six Gun Gorilla himself. Maybe in the next few weeks.
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The gibbon in black brachiated across the treetops, and the gorilla followed.
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I'm so excited about this encyclopedia in general. I bought the digital copy for myself but I'm pretty sure I need to get a physical copy when they're ready for my father-in-law. (Sadly I'm not expecting it in time for Christmas this year.)
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Oh wow, I remember Jess Nevins from back in the 90s on the old MST3K newsgroups.

Good on you, man.
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The scan quality is poor it would take some effort to read that.
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inturnaround, I suggest reading his annotations for The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen if you haven't seen what he's been up to lately. They're astonishingly thorough.
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Hmm, this six gun toting gorilla has almost the same name as me. Which is awesome!
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At some point, Jess Nevins is going to produce the definitive work on American pop culture of the 19th, 20th century and its going to become the standard source for all future generations. I predict that eventually 10% of all grad thesis will contain a citation to something he wrote. I'm not joking.
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