There once was a postman who designed scarves for Hermès....
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Portrait of the Artist as a Postman.

Inside Kermit Oliver's studio.

People Magazine, November 1989:
It's durn easy to buy Levi's, cowboy boots and even chaps in Waco, Texas (pop. 101,000), but if you're looking for one of those fancy Hermès scarves from Paris, France, you'll have to mosey on up to the Hermès boutique 100 miles north in Dallas. What you can find in sleepy Waco is one of the French couturier's top scarf designers—sitting behind his desk at the downtown post office.
A catalogue of his Hermès scarves.

A detailed view of one of his scarves. Additional artwork.
Most designer silk scarves use from eight to 16 colors in its design, Oliver’s typically requires 64 colors in 32 different screens, a first for the studio in Lyon, France where the artist’s scarves are produced. Bursting with historical figures and symbols, the scarves are an elaborate reflection of Oliver’s ability to combine symbolism and history in creative and vibrant color. His nature scarves of turkeys and other wildlife reflect the keen landscape of the Coastal Prairie of his boyhood. He is the son of a working cowboy, the late K.J. Oliver who is featured in Louise O’Connor’s book, “Cryin’ for Daylight.”
The Houston Chronicle on Khristian and his father: Life, Death and the Prodigal Son.
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Do you think God created tornadoes and hurricanes and tsunamis and everything as a punishment for people? Or is that just coincidence?

Well, I believe in Karma and nature's course....God doesn't exist away from mankind. If we all die, there will be no God left on earth..
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I covet Hermes scarves. That being said, here are some of Kermit Oliver's and I'm really fond of the Kachinas one and most of the Les Danses des Indiens ones.
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Oops, missed your link to the same ones, zarq. Apologies and thanks for the fine post.
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No worries. They deserve the attention! Thanks. :)
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Here's (IMO) a better link to the article. It's split over 3 pages, but much easier on the eyes than the print-friendly link.
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Related in a pepsi blue way Hearts and Craft a documentary about the craftsmen at Hermes.
The part about scarves start at 08:15.
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Kermit was featured on NPR and Texas Monthly recently. We predate both of those stories so I assume they stole it from us :P
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