Raindrops keep fallin' on my head
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That link's got a problem - the screen keeps blurring.
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This isn't what I meant when I asked to see two women paddling each other. (Also: awesome!)
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That is wonderful.
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hell no.
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Wait, is she supposed to marry all of them? That's be big of her. Wait, no, that'd be bigamy!
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Goddamnit, stop being adorable in public people. Some of us are trying to be bitter here.
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That was very cute.
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I know this is about two people who are in love and not primarily about the fact that they're both women. But I have to say this: I was walking in the park with my daughter the other day and we passed by a photographer taking pictures of two women who were awkwardly posing and holding hands in the way that one does when taking engagement photos. You know, figuring out for the first what it's like to represent your relationship as a stable partnership, an "us" and not a "she and I". I looked down at my kid, who was entranced by the photographer and the strangeness of their movements and who (*oh shit*) started running headlong toward them.

I realized at that moment what a great goddamn time this is to be alive. Right in front of us, peoples' rights to form partnerships with the ones they love and to enjoy social and legal recognition of their unions is becoming a part of our social contract. Without drama or crisis, love is being recognized as a fundamental human right. If we can keep the momentum going, my daughter will never grow up thinking that our gay and lesbian friends are any different than her own parents are.

There are tons of things that are shitty right now and sometimes it feels like our social compact is coming apart at the seams. But ten years ago, this was an unimaginable thing and now there are women in the park by my house taking engagement photos. My grad school buddy lives on a farm in Virginia with his partner. My wife's classmate and her wife just moved into the neighborhood and they can come by and drink beer on our back porch. Nobody is blowing up churches or throwing stones. We're just collectively coming to the realization that it's fucking stupid not to let people marry the people they love. Homophobia and gay bashing still happen and there are states where marriage equality will probably not take root for a generation yet, but this is where the momentum is. Our society is becoming more decent and more just, and we are lucky to be living through this time, knowing it doesn't always happen this way and it could have gone in a very different direction.

These women are lucky to be in love and to have friends who can help them celebrate in this lovely way. But so are the rest of us, to have the freedom to live in a society that is slightly less unjust than the one we were born into. Where the exercise of this particular freedom is not tainted by others' denial of it.
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Super, super sweet.
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Wow. First I was, like, wow, that's so awesome and sweet. Then I was like, how cool is it that this can happen, and I can see happy pictures, and nobody's panties are in a bunch? THEN I read what R. Schlock had to say and damn it, yes. This is a good thing, a very good thing. For everyone.

Thanks for posting this!
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I'm going to be the dissenting opinion here. I find all acts of surprise public marriage proposals to be both manipulative and distasteful.*

Bah humbug!

*Except for this one. It was kind of awesome.

Except for the proposal part. I guess I still think that's manipulative and distasteful.

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Awww... That made me happy. Thanks for posting it.
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Right in front of us, peoples' rights to form partnerships with the ones they love

I'm still in the wake of dealing with the girl I was sure I'd spend the rest of my life with breaking up with me, but something I realized today was how happy I was that we live in a time where she is free and encouraged to make the decisions she needs to choose the life that makes her happy; that she is not pressured to stay with a situation that is not what she feels is right for her.

It's not just LGBT people who are becoming more free to live and love as themselves, and that is wonderful.
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How difficult would it have been to at least try to get the color order spectrum correct?!

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Awwwwww! Congratulations to the happy couple!

Thanks for sharing this.
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Oh, no, they seem to have taken out the reaction shots. I guess it got more publicity than they were expecting.
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