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More than 1,000 works by Goya are now online. Presented only in Spanish, the site concerns the works found in the Prado alone, but covers the paintings, drawings and engravings. This is a catalogue raisonné (there are entries for all of the paintings) of the collection, including works with debatable attributions or by followers, copiers and imitators. High definition images are available and users can edit a PDF version of each of the entries for the works. A section is also devoted to Goya’s correspondence, residing at the museum ; for each letter, besides once again offering high definition images, the site provides information on the bibliography, watermarks, inscriptions as well as a transcription. Finally, an important bibliography is rounded out with texts from twenty books and nine articles on the artist published before 1920. (from Tribune de l'Art via Art History News)
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Just a heads up: There is some nudity, so this is mildly NSFW for some people.
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Best of the web, baby!
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I'm so happy to live in this future with its vast collections of art easily accessible online, even though one should still get out to a museum to see some of these in real life.

I've always thought Perro Semihundido one of the more disturbing paintings around. Here's Wikipedia on Goya's The Dog and the other Black Paintings he did right onto the wall of his house.
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chavenet: Perro Semihundido is just a beautiful painting. It also looks much more modern than it is.
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This is wonderful.

(A NSFW warning for Goya? If I didn't think he would be proud of that, I would cry.)
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Oh Boy-a!
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Fantastic! At first glance this site seems not only as comprehensive as one could hope for, but very well thought-out and well-presented. I’ll probably be spending quite some time here… It’s fascinating, for example, to compare his prints with their corresponding preparatory drawings.
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misteraitch: If you click on 'Comparar' you can compare them side-by-side.
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The "Black Paintings" and others also seem to have some kind of an x-ray version, which shows some of the painting layers as well as things like the nails holding the canvas to the frame.

La Maja is also swell, and there is both a SFW and NSFW version.

It's almost as if Goya knew we'd need a work-safe version in the future.
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If you click on 'Comparar'

That's so cool! Thanks, vacapinta, and thanks Marauding Ennui, for posting this.
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Wow. This is great! But I had no idea The Colossus had been un-attributed to Goya (from Goya?).
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The Prado has more works from Goya than they can display. Other museums would kill for one piece by Goya. So the Prado makes a web site showing all of theirs, and then puts them back in storage. Makes you wonder. Same thing applies to all the big museums, who have basements better than a lot of smaller museums.
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Goya might have painted an anteater.
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As long as you're (digitally) in Prado, you can look at the rest of the digitised collection too. Here are five pages of El Greco.
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Fantastic! I got to see some of these paintings in the Prado a few years ago, and they made me miss great chunks of the conference I was supposed to attending. Thanks for the post, ME.
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In case it's not obvious, if you select a painting from Pinturas, then cluck the painting, you get a higher resolution image.
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I love his black beans.
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Madrid has been my favorite art museum city ever (which I totally didn't expect). Must go back and look at this.
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Excellent. Thanks, Marauding Ennui.
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