Light Ahead for the Negro...
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Fascinating! thank you.
posted by The Whelk at 10:40 AM on September 29, 2012

The earliest, "The Goophered Grapevine" (Atlantic Monthly, Aug 1887), is Uncle Julius' attempt to scare off a northerner from buying a ruined plantation by telling the story of the goopher which haunts the vineyard.

A single vowel away from internet immortality.

This is interesting stuff, thanks.
posted by Tell Me No Lies at 11:05 AM on September 29, 2012

Looked quickly for Delany to be mentioned in at least one of the links. Was not disappointed.
posted by hippybear at 11:06 AM on September 29, 2012

This is awesome.

I would like to formally give Jess Nevins the "MeFi Favorite Jess Nevins" title. He is awesome and I think he's now had five posts about him.
posted by Joey Michaels at 1:22 PM on September 29, 2012

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