Go Pro Grain Farming
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Go Pro Grain Farming Good, watchable videos of grain farming are hard to find, but using a Go Pro camera to document 2012 crop production on the Canadian prairies was a great idea.
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Some pretty gripping images there. Thanks for sharing.
posted by louie at 3:13 PM on September 30, 2012

I really, REALLY need to study visual storytelling. This is an awesome telling of a story, thanks for sharing!
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I think "Go Pro" is becoming the "Photoshop" of POV video making.
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[Folks, if this needs to go to MetaTalk, so be it, but otherwise just flag and move on. ]
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Fisheye makes everything better.
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I guess the reason I got excited about this video is because it's awfully difficult to make cool videos of field operations safely. Standing beside the combine as it drives past, harvesting, is kind of dangerous, if you're just standing there with your camera. I'm sure you don't need a Go Pro specifically to do this though!
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"Go Pro Grain Farming" sounds like a really off-market PS2 game....
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I recently re-watched Dovzhenko's Earth. Am I wrong to see similarities here?
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I want to go to there.
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From the beginning: IAMA-Tumbleweed; AMA.

(that indeed would be dangerous footage to get a bare 10 years ago). Much love for the prairies. I hope we can collectively manage to mitigate the ongoing (increasing) desertification and the risks that sort of situation can (as it has) bring.
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If the soundtrack was switched with some deep cuts from In Utero, Fixed, and Broken this would be a 100% spot on depiction of my formative years.

They even put the camera on an oil well! I always wanted to do that!
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A fisheye lens really captures Alberta skies well. It's hard to do them justice with your average point-and-shoot camera. I enjoyed this a lot.

Youtube's automated music identification sure missed the mark this time. Does that happen often? I thought it was pretty foolproof.
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I liked this, especially when the generations were identified by first name only, and you had to figure who was father/son. My only quibble is where are the women. Any real farmer will acknowledge that it doesn't get done without the whole family pitching in.
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I want to be these people. It's weird to emphatic I know how to write software but not grow grain.
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And here we have simulated grain farming!
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I just got home from doing this. In this location. The video doesn't quite catch the itch from barley dust.
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But barley dust is still not as bad as oat dust, Trochanter, eh?
And the breakdowns and subsequent repairs have been heavily airbrushed in this video, I would presume.
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This was awesome. As a kid i have vague memories of farming from the Texas panhandle. Thank you bluebelle for an awesome post that puts me in awe of a wholly different life that could have been mine...and I think i would have been ok with that also.
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