Judge May Reject Olson Guilty Plea
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Judge May Reject Olson Guilty Plea "A day after Sara Jane Olson pleaded guilty to attempted bombing charges and then denied her guilt outside the courtroom, a Los Angeles judge announced he will hold a hearing next week to decide whether to toss out the plea." Even if she's actually innocent, I can't help but think the former Symbionese Liberation Army fugitive should've kept her mouth shut until after the sentencing at least. The LA Times isn't very sympathetic, either.
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The LA Times is out of line here. Defendants in California have a right to accept the benefits of a plea agreement without admitting guilt, under a case called People v West. This happens all the time, but usually the press just isn't paying attention. I can't believe the judge is reconsidering the plea, either. There's a lot of grandstanding going on here, but it's not all Sara Jane Olson.
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I didn't really follow the link, but, I'm just sayin'.

Yes, somebody's gotta be punished for this horrible crime. The Olsons have been living productive, relatively obscure lives for a number of years now. I understand that there are those among us who want vengeance, rather than justice. They will accuse me of mollycoddling malfeasants, lubricating libertines, and genitally gesticulating at genuine ingenoues. Not true, I say. We need to go after the real criminals, the "people" who are really responsible. Mary-Kate and Ashley were only toddlers when all those episodes of _Full House_ were made. If being an adorable toddler is a crime, only criminals will have adorable toddlers! FREE MARY-KATE AND ASHLEY NOW!

We still need to put Bob Saget's head on a pole, however.
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swell is funny.
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I haven't looked it up yet, but I'd assume People v. West is probably similar to an Alford plea here, or a "No Contest" plea. That's not what Soliah pled, she pled guilty. Big difference.
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"A court is prohibited from imposing a sentence greater than that bargained for": People v. West explained in this brief; but the decision doesn't limit the court's absolute power to accept or reject pleas, apparently. So the judge can certainly boot it and put her back on the trial track.
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Oh, yeah, the judge can always reject the plea. But they hardly ever do it because the defendant is claiming she's innocent. And I've never, ever seen a judge do that when the defendant isn't asking to withdraw the plea. (I handle a lot of appeals from guilty pleas; almost all of my clients say they're innocent in spite of their pleas.)

Tiffany, California isn't too sticky about the no contest vs guilty plea. I see lots of guilty pleas (rather than no contest pleas) that invoke People v. West. Trust me, this is a weird response by the judge; she's pissed him off. Lots of defendants plead guilty while proclaiming their innocence, and the usual response is to tell them, "Too bad, you entered your plea, now enjoy prison."
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