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Stop-motion Lego Dr. Strangelove (part I | II)

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OH MY GOD the face on the Strangelove lego

I feel like there should be some complex shift-JIS smiley for how I'm feeling right now but I'm not sure what it would be
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Makes me sad that this technology wasn't around for Kubrick to do the movie right.
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astonishing and disturbing. genius. now I want to see Lego Young Frankenstein please.
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Amazing rendition of one of my favorite movies, love it.
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Peter Sellers made those scenes compelling enough that you could do it with paper cutouts on popsicle sticks and it would still be hilarious and gripping. But this was very well put together and must have taken a hell of a lot of work.

Animating the Big Board was genius.
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George C. Scott wanted to animate his lego as a more rational, reasonable man but Kubrick asked him to do some "fun" takes with the lego as a complete idiot and thas what made it into the movie.
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