Nine Ways of Looking at D’Annunzio
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Perhaps to compensate for his not-so imposing physique, lack of good looks, and plebeian background, Gabriele D’Annunzio (1863-1938) embraced excess in everything he did. And he did many things: novelist, playwright, poet, aviator and sailor, a genuine war hero, a narcissist, a drug addict, a gifted rabble-rouser, debt-evader, and a noted womanizer.
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Damn, I recently re-read a hilarious account of d'Annunzio's occupation of Fiume and I thought that he would make a great MeFi FPP.

Regarding the "Fiume Exploit", it's strange how fascism first began as a farce, and later returned as tragedy.
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The closets and furniture drawers, left exactly as they were when D’Annunzio died in 1938, contain his personal effects and clothes: 73 pairs of silk underwear, ivory in color and monogrammed, more than 300 pairs of boots and shoes he designed himself, 30 nightshirts, including one with a round hole below his waist, decorated in gold thread, baby doll pajamas, made to order, that he had his lady visitors wear when they came to see him, small boxes with his lady visitors’ pubic hair.
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Mussolini was scared of his popularity - which is demonstrated in the lavish estate, Il Vittoriale degli Italiani, that was built with money provided by Il Duce to keep D'Annunzio at home.
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small boxes with his lady visitors’ pubic hair.

*runs out of room screeching*
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And yet, ec, evidence suggests that wasn't a is a weird place.
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Max, that was more of a full-body recoil at the thought of one of my paramours turning to me after a tryst and asking for a "sample".

*resists impulse to flee screaming yet again*
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turning to me after a tryst

Note to self: ask before tryst
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