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In February, PBS and AOL launched Makers, a video archive containing personal stories and anecdotes told in the first person by women, many of whom have sparked groundbreaking changes in American culture.

The project aims to become "the largest and most dynamic collection of women's stories ever assembled." A three-hour documentary is being prepared for PBS from selections of the site's footage, which will air next year.

* Blog
* Search the site
* Browse (Link goes to their entire archive. You can also review by category.)
* Short video promoting the site.
* Trailer for the documentary, which will be called "Makers: Women Who Make America"
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It's a great initiative but I think the name Makers already has a strong following in the open source community. I don't expect them to take easily to having it repurposed, even if the use is a positive one. I predict tears & recriminations before we're through.
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I almost made a FPP yesterday solely for the Ruth Bader Ginsburg section. That woman is so awesome. I imagine Madeline Albright is pretty kick ass too, but I haven't watched those yet.
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Wow, how can you not want to hear the story of Barbara Burns, coal miner?
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