Ticklers of my Fancy
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The Oddment Emporium is 'a Cornucopia of Eclectic Delights', such as the story of Big Nose George. Try Ticklers of my Fancy as a good starting point for exploration.
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Thank you, unilateral. This is just the sort of strange and horrible stuff that I like to read about!
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Well done. Instant bookmark.
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I can't help but notice that Ticklers of my Fancy includes Marie Antoinette’s jugs. Ahem.
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I'm not sure what's up with the compiler's thing for Edward VIII, but I guess we've all got our quirks...
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Love this, thanks.
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Fantastic. All of these subjects could probably do with their own FPP (and I'm sure some of them have had one).

But Edward VII's sex chair? Okay okay back up. How did -- ? I mean, there are two upholstered cushioned parts, so presumably -- But then there are those brass stirrup things, and that would be awfully painful if a fat man -- Well, in any case, I did not find a quick answer in Google as to how exactly it was used. ("The way in which Bertie used the chair has been lost in the mists of time.") But I did see portraits enough of Edward VII to make me want to stop looking.
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I'm pretty sure MetaFilter was my introduction to knowing about Edward VIIs sex chair...
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Ah, there is a MetaFilter post on the sex chair. And I found a reenactment of one way it was used, with Barbie dolls. Not sure how the bottom upholstered bit was used, though...
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Edward was also said to have had a leather harness arrangement hanging from a ceiling. Can't recall where I read about this, nor what may have happened to it. Perhaps it wound up at La Casa de Penn Gillette.

For curiosa, my own tastes run to poison rings, a (modest) example of which I am happy to own. (How my ur-left-wing grandparents happened to have it, I cannot imagine.) Always happy to see more.
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This is wonderful.
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I agree that most of the items could sustain their own FPP. Great find, unliteral.
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This is brilliant. I never knew there were so many stray body parts with interesting stories!
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I'm surprised no one's linked to the similar Futility Closet, billed as "An idler's miscellany of compendious amusements". It's been on my daily read list since this FPP.
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