Brewing Up a Storm in Raidió Teilifís Éireann!
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In celebration of the upcoming RTÉ (Raidió Teilifís Éireann) Big Music Week almost every notable public service broadcaster in Ireland (and many hundreds of others!) assembled in RTÉ headquarters in Dublin to sing along to The Stunning's “Brewing Up a Storm”: shot in one continuous take the result is pretty spectacular!
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I really hope this video isn't country restricted and can be viewed from outside Ireland!
posted by nfg at 1:42 AM on October 8, 2012

Just watched it in the UK. Awesome, there's a significant proportion of the population of Dublin involved in this! I have always wanted to see the inside of RTE, I must have passed it a million times (typical Irish exagerration).
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Wilder it's actually featured in a list of "1001 Buildings To See Before You Die", I must see if there's ever a tour on!
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Wow, impressive! I listen to RTE Lyric FM almost every day from Singapore, and never fail to be astounded by the sheer volume of music-related events in Ireland.

So will someone fly me over? Anyone? Anyone at all?
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Ha, fun! Nice to see in the credits both Steve and Joe Wall, original members of the Stunning, who were my first concert to see ever, many years ago in the SFX in Dublin.
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nfg, that would be an awesome excuse for a Dublin meet-up!
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Great way to start the day. One shot takes always amaze me the degree of planing necessary to get it is mind boggling not to mention the stamina of the steadicam operator! The song is great to a real earworm.
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Those folks were having more fun than is legal here in New England, USA. Excellent post.
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I used to live across the road, could see the Fair City set from the front window.
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Hehehe, that must have been SO FUN to do!! (Makes me wish I actually worked in some kind of office building rather than from home so I could do something similar -- it would have to be a pretty short video in this three-story brownstone)
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I really hope this video isn't country restricted....

Plays fine in the US.
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Just once I'd love to be part of a company/organization expansive enough to do something on this scale. As it is I work in a two-room office with five others. Any video of us doing a lip dub would have to have a very limited concept.

So much fun. Wish I knew who some of these people were.
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Wish I knew who some of these people were.

Tangentially to this question -- anyone looking in may be able to help me; one of my best travel stories concerns my crashing the broadcast of a late-night music and talk show in Dublin sometime in 1998; the format was mostly talk, but the guests would bring their own favorite music in and sometimes they'd play a cut or two. The show lasted about an hour.

I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the host any more, though; it was something like Matt Molloy or Mike Malloy. Does this ring a bell with anyone?
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I liked it! That tune has really held up over the years too. Did I just blink and miss them or were Miriam O'Callaghan and Marian Finucane not in it? They're two of my RTE faves.

Wish I knew who some of these people were.

A couple of notables: around the three minute mark is Damo who had his own viral video a while back. The guy at 1:27 in a tux is Daithi O'Se, who is RTE's heart throb - my mother and all of her friends lust after him like you wouldn't believe.
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I thought that was Michael D. there at 3:48 for just a beautiful moment. (He's the impish president, and wouldn't be above taking part in something fun.)
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Joe Duffy, Eddie Hobbs and Tubridy in one video. It's too much to take.
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EmpressCallipygos, just a guess, but sounds like it might have been Mike Moloney? (I remember Moloney after Midnight on 2FM around that time, but I don't remember it being a talk format)
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Although I guess he did have guests on the show. (Could also be spelled Maloney, not sure)
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Mike Moloney! That was it - reading some of what people are saying about him in some fora, it sounds like that was it. It wasn't talk as such, it was talk and music - just that the guests were picking all the music, and there was a bit of chat in between songs. (I just happened to be part of the entourage of someone who was quite the talker so they never actually played any music.)
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Oh yeah, that does sound more familiar alright, I think I was confusing him with Peter Collins (the same guy who did the Formula 1 TV Commentary) who was also on late night 2FM.
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I believe it was Mike Moloney indeed. I remember listening to Luka Bloom on that show tell a delightful story of his discovery of Joni Mitchell's Blue album. Good times.
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I have no idea why, but I am now slightly obsessed with this video and would LOVE to see or read about what went on behind the scenes that day. The logistics of organizing and executing something like this boggle the mind! Did anyone mess up and they had to start over? Did they play the song on a PA system while they filmed and is that how they kept everyone in sync? etc. I guess I must have too much time on my hands to be wondering about such things... Thanks for posting though!
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désoeuvrée, there's a behind-the-scenes video here, alas I think because it's RTE player it may only work in Ireland - still it's worth a pop!
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Works fine in the US. RTE are generally pretty good about making their own content available internationally with the exception of sports.
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Ooh thanks so much for that, nfg! Can't wait to check it out.
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