How lyrics work,
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How lyrics work, offered up by one of my favorite singers and songwriters. No, you won't learn who she was really singing about in "You're So Vain" but it's still a fascinating read about a topic she knows a thing or two about.
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Thanks for the link; I've not heard of Doubletake before, but it looks like there are some good articles to read there. I quite like how Carly Simon said that lyrics that rhyme make listeners comfortable - I hadn't thought about it before, but it makes perfect sense.
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i think i read somewhere that the song was about james taylor, sometime around their breakup. heaven only knows which neuron in my head is occupied with that particular bit of information. or why.
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"Some emotions are better left unrhymed."

I'm all goosepimply! =)
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Great article. Not a particular fan of Carly Simon, but it was still quite instructive.

Next week, though, I would like them to get Leonard Cohen to write a similar piece.

"Well, the way I write songs is, I spend a couple years in a monastery, come home, get good and drunk, then think up different metaphors for suicide. Works every time."
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It's not an article, but here's LC talking about how he does it. Sort of.
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I thought Carly Simon got it exactly right.

I write songs, both lyrics and music.....the process she describes is very similar to what i do. Usually the music comes very easily and it is a pain to get the words the way i want them-but if I am on a roll with the lyrics the melody seems to write itself.....

some good ideas here....
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Wow - excellent link. I've been writing music for years but have only recently started trying to write lyrics as well. This gave me lots to think about.

Oh, and I'd always heard "You're So Vain" was about Warren Beatty.
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