Could you explain some of the words used on your website?
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John Coulthart's first illustration work was for the album Church of Hawkwind in 1982.
Since then he has become prolific together with his art and design blog ‘’Feuilliton’’. (linked before on the blue, but only for specifics).
His weekend edition is a timesink; and then are his illustrations for The Haunter of the Dark
To understand more about him read some interviews.
From 2004 Could you explain some of the words used on your website: {retinacula} {pleonasm} {pantechnicon} {oniomania} {decalcomania} {catenation} {bibliopoesy}?
Are they in Latin or did you just make some of them up?
Or most recently earlier this year.
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And lo, in the year 2005, the great Turning On Of The Online Dictionaries commenced.
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I recently bought a poster of his kabbalistic tree of life in the style of the London Underground map for a friend. It also appears in the background of a panel in Alan Moore's Promethea.
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Great guy, great artist.
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Goddamnit linking to another source for good FPP! And {feulliton} was like 30-40% of em too!
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Whew! That's a relief. I thought this post might actually be about Hawkwind.

Pleonasm, by the way, is a great word.

I was just recently discussing about it the other day with a rich millionaire friend I know as I entered my PIN number into the ATM machine. I told him all about how the bank had offered me a free gift for opening a new account and then . . .
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Just read 'Call of Cthulhu' in The Starry Wisdom... it's a great adaptation
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{ Feuilliton } is simply one of the best blogs out there. Even if you don't think you're that interested in art and design, the guy's eye and the quality of the writing means that its endlessly absorbing stuff. Tentacles, Hodgson, Ballard, Borges, not to mention the Lovecraft, and his own brilliant art work: it's a great site.
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This pleases me. I am pleased.
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Feuilliton (followed for a few years) digs (and links) into a lot of interesting if obscure illustration history, from fleeting late 19th century Gothic horror artzines to mid-20th-century gay pulp book covers to psychedelic album art. Many MeFiers will find gold in his diverse links collection every weekend. Agree with hydatius, it's one of the net's little-known treasures.
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{ feuilleton } is high up on my daily RSS reads. Always tasty.
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