Captain Pronin Superstar!
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Captain Pronin! An early '90s Russian parody of '80s American action heroes.


*Major Pronin appears to be a sort of Russian James Bond, created by Lev Ovalov. The best link I can find is the Russian Wikipedia entry.
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I think I've just seen the Whelk's mothership. So many examples of cultural plundering for benefit of Mother Russia.
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Yeah, that's early 90s Russian animation, all right… Offered without comment. The Russian James Bond is clearly Stierlitz.
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I think this what Mitt Romney actually thinks of when some mentions Russia.
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I think this is what Vladimir Putin actual thinks of when he thinks of himself.
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Meh. It's no "Worker and Parasite."
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Vaguely amusing: episode 2 at 1:41. Head gangster: "This is your money! Give me your smoking!" Russian смокинг, from "smoking jacket," is a word for jacket or evening suit. Notice that Pronin is also standing in front of The Wall.

This is like the 60s/70s/80s got very drunk and threw up into the same sick bag.
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Watched first episode. Came for the crappy animation and bad subtitles; stayed for the imitation Rick James outro music.
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Googletranslated from the Russian wiki page:

Examples of jokes

• Making sure that there is no shadowing, " 007 "slipped into a public toilet, pulled out a note to the task of the Centre. Learn the text, broke it into pieces and threw them in the toilet and flushed ... but then recoiled in horror: from the toilet looking at it smart, insightful and a little tired eyes Major Pronin.

• the report Brezhnev arrested one of those present in the hall, who then was a spy.

- How were you able to recognize the enemy? - Asks Major Pronin Brezhnev. - I was guided by the report made ​​by you in the thesis: "The enemy does not sleep!"

• Fantomas ran to the bathroom and closed the cabin. From the toilet's head Major Pronin:

- Cdavaysya, Fantomas! For me, all the people!

- A technique for me - said Fantomas, pressing the pedal.

• Khrushchev at a banquet in India. Next to him sits a charming half-naked Indian dancer. Khrushchev under the table stroking her knee. Dancer bends over to him and whispers in his ear:

- Comrade Khrushchev, feel up and do not change in the face: report MGB Major Pronin.

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An early '90s Russian parody of '80s American action heroes.

This brings to mind Ograblenie po..., which was a late '70s Russian parody of '60s American action heroes.
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1. Having made sure that he is not being followed, 007 slips into a public men's room and pulls out the note describing his mission from MI6. After memorizing the contents, he tears it up, throws it into the toilet, and flushes… only to notice Maj. Pronin's piercing and somewhat melancholy gaze directed at him from the toilet bowl.

2. At one of Brezhnev's addresses, one of the attendees is arrested and later turns out to be a spy. "How did you manage to identify the enemy?" Brezhnev asks Maj. Pronin. "I made use of the central thesis that you expressed today: ‘The enemy never sleeps!’ "

3. Fantômas escapes to the men's room and hides in a stall. Maj. Pronin's head appears from the toilet: "Turn yourself in, Fantômas! The people stand behind me!" "And technology stands behind me," says Fantômas, turning the flush handle.

4. Khrushchev is at a banquet in India. A charming, half-naked Indian dancer is sitting beside him. Khrushchev caresses her leg under the table. The dancer leans in towards him and whispers in his ear: "Comrade Khrushchev, caress further up and avoid changing your facial expression. Security forces major Pronin reporting.
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Major Pronin appears to be a sort of Russian James Bond,

In the short "Captain Pronin - Grandson of Major Pronin," James Bond himself makes a cameo. Really, a British spy wearing a tuxedo calling himself James Bond. Copyright enforcement was apparently not a priority in post-Soviet Russia.
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See also: Octobriana, a Czech parody of a Russian underground heroine based on Wonder Woman by way of Russ Meyer. No, really. (Probably best known in the West due to Billy Idol having a tattoo of her, which got a close-up in one of his videos.)
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Lots of fun! Might be worth pointing out that the villain's name Myshyakovich in the first episode is derived from мышьяк [mysh'yak] 'arsenic.'
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