Damn, I wish I thought of that.
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The Jealous Curator is 'a collection of art that inspires & depresses' its proprietor, who has been updating the site almost daily since February 2009 with series of paintings, sculpture and mixed media, furniture, and always with light-hearted commentary about what's posted.
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There is some very interesting art work on that site, and some fascinating concepts. Thanks.
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It's an interesting approach to exploring one's connection with art. I've never been much of a creator (the desire has never coalesced into anything I felt comfortable outputting) so the idea of processing others' excellent creations through the filter of 'How would I have?' gives me some pause. But the JC has excellent taste—this I love—and so I set the framing aside and just appreciate the curatorial selections.
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I actually love the framing here and consider it a non-trivial part of how awesome this is because I think it encourages a very necessary sense of playfulness in art criticism and creation. Thinking in terms of "what do I wish I had made" instead of "what do I like" encourages you to think about art in terms of the obsessions that you and the artist share. I think that's a much more vital foundation for consuming and making art than taste is.
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I really like this! Talking about your response to art can be really fun and I like that this is a much more personable approach. Discussions about art can be intimidating but, while beautifully curated, this blog still manages to be casual.

This is definitely going on my list of daily reads.
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thanks, great find
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Yeah! This is a great find. Thanks!
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Definitely some great stuff here, all the same.
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