The society here is very bad.
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First Draft of the Revolution is a browser-based, interactive, epistolary story, where the process of letter writing is used to explore aspects of character and plot that might otherwise remain hidden. Plus, lashings of classism and magical references.
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I liked it, but played it twice and got the same ending both times. Maybe I'm missing something. The design was beautiful, though.
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Could use the Emily Short tag. She sure is prolific!
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I liked this as well. Looking at the source, I don't think it's a choose-your-own-adventure -- I think the game is that you can walk through the characters' thought process as they draft each letter, resulting in a slightly different tone overall, but not that you're actually changing what happens in the story.

Maybe not coincidentally, I liked the writing in this more than the (few) interactive text projects I've looked at online. Maybe it's easier to focus on the writing and structure if you're not spreading your efforts over alternate storylines?
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