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"From Washington, D.C.: The Nation of Ulysses"
"Brothers and Sisters, what are your real desires?" 9:30 Club 1991, Part 2
"That's how you do this song, loose baby. Okay, 1 2 3 4" Live at Peace Center 1992, Part 2
Live at Jabberjaw
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This is the best post ever, OmieWise. Thank you.
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It's a Spectra Sonic Sound.
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Saw Ulysses at the former porn arcade that was Common Ground in Dallas in what, 1991? 1992? It was the tour where they wore pajamas. I was 15 and had never heard of them before and was instantly a fan.

As an aside, does anyone who remembers Common Ground remember what the address or intersection was? It was on Industrial (now Riverside), correct? Since it was before I drove, these things mattered little to me. I moved back to Dallas a few years ago and I live not incredibly far from there. I'd like to go by and see what it looks like today.
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Aw, remember when Ian was Sassy's Sassiest Boy in America?
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Oh my god. Thank you thank you thank you.

They are one of many bands I wish I'd had a chance to see live. I think they did tour the UK, but just before I became aware of them.

"Ulysses, Ulysses, little flower, beloved by all the youth."

Next - Cupid Car Club....
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How Sassy Changed Ian's Life.
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Ian's current band, Chain and the Gang, did a set on Terre T's show earlier this year. If you listen to that you will learn, as everyone who has recently ridden in my car, that Mr. Svenonious undisputably still "has it."

Item, I came across an old folder of Common Ground/Easy St Theatre fliers during my most recent move-- I'll check when I get home to see if I can find the address.
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Chain and the Gang is pretty great, and should be breaking up any time now as a result.
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activitystory, if you manage to dig it up I'll send you a picture of whatever boring thing the location is today.
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NoU was a brilliant response to the perceived puritanism of Fugazi.

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Ok, so I only have filers for after it was called Easy Street Theatre (& later Easy Street Collective), but it was 3414 Irving Blvd. That's definitely the second site, which I remember as much more of a wasteland that Irving Blvd. Looks like the actual Easy St. was parallel to Irving... I had never realized it, just thought it was a gross name for a porno theatre.
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Ahh ok. Irving Blvd and Industrial Blvd seem to have merged into one in the 20 years of memories I've had since then.

Huh, I guess I met you at one of those places. Did we meet at the All show or sometime before then? What was the venue called when All played - was it Common Ground or had it changed by then? Easy St certainly didn't stay around for very long. Where did Slipped Disk fit into all of this - it was before CG, right? Was it at the same location? So many questions. I guess I'm still decent-enough/good friends with people who played in bands during those days - members of Inspector Vegetable and Today's Forecast and a few others. I should hit them up and piece together a history of that time period in Dallas punk.

Oh yeah, on topic: I got to know James Canty a little bit through an extremely awkward circumstance about 10 years ago. Pretty nice guy, but he was really uncomfortable around me (and not because of anything that I did - it's a story that's best not told in a public forum).
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Oooh, shoulda used the edit window there. What I meant to say was that this location was less in the middle of nowhere than I remember the other one, the one with the high ceilings and cablespool tables. Slipped Disc definitely predated that one, but I think it was nearby.

Now that you mention it, Item, that is probably where we met, since we wouldn't have been in the same school yet. Maybe that ALL show on the Percolater tour. There was also a few Caulk shows there which would have been likely candidates.

The more I see of US cities and the more people I meet from around the country, the more I realize how special what we had in Dallas was. Not that it was everything I'd want it to be, or that it was without its problems (there were BIG ones), but it's something I really cherish. Whenever I run into someone from those bands or that era (which is way more often than I've expected), it's always something we can fondly remember together. I would totally go in on a Kickstarter for an late 80s/early 90s Dallas Punk oral history.
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Unfortunately I'm way too busy for the next couple of years to put together anything other than a rough outline/timeline, otherwise such a project would be right up my alley. Too bad, too, because I imagine I'd feel totally dissatisfied if the Richardson connection was presented as a blip instead of part of the apex. Even though every suburb had its own little scene that overlapped with every other suburb's, Richardson had a type of specialness to it that fit in really nicely with Dallas as a whole. I wish I'd had a video camera back then. I would've used the hell out of it.

The days of the quasi-legal/flat-out illegal venue are long gone around these parts. Whatever Dallas had 20 years ago has been replaced by fiercely competitive booking agencies and up-to-code buildings. Remember the Storefront, the short-lived club in a decrepit little strip on Live Oak where bands had to move forward maybe 10 feet when it rained as there was a hole in the ceiling - not just a leaky roof, but an actual gaping hole you could see the sky through? Today that kind of place wouldn't even last the length of a nervous-group-of-kids-playing-their-first-ever-gig's song.
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Get excited, item/activitystory - I remembered Slipped Disk being on Butler Street, but couldn't figure out the cross street. A bit of googling turned up this punk flyer from back in the day in someone's blog - intersection is Butler/Texoak (actual address: 2242 Butler, Dallas, TX 74235). I used to go there all the time, too (1989-1990).

Sadly, looks like there's nothing at that intersection at all now except memories.
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