Happy Friday, watch this right meow
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What if your action movie starred feline thespians instead of Colin Ferrel, Woody Harrelson, Sam Rockwell, Tom Waits, and Christopher Walken? You'd get Seven PsychoCats. SLYT, NSFW
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They must have used actual hair pieces from these guys.
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“Cats are the sociopaths of the pet world” -- Jonathan Franzen, Bird watcher
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So I just watched the trailer to this movie yesterday and only then knew of its existence. It's not even out yet but the parodies have started?

The world is moving too fast. Someone slow it down for me.
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Colin FERAL, duh
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Great movie, just got back from seeing it. It's actually much better (and smarter) than the real trailer makes it seem. It's got more in common with Adaptation than it does with the gangster movie the trailer seems to be advertising.
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