Adventures in celebrity charity.
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“If I had depended on Yéle,” said Diaoly Estimé, whose orphanage features a wall painting of Mr. Jean and his wife, “these kids would all be dead by now.” (SLNYT)
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Holy shit that is some serious embezzeling. I may have missed it in the article, but was Jean acting as CEO?
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He was until he attempted to run for president of Haiti in 2010.
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What a sad turn of events.
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Sad, but expected. The warning signs were all over this crap.

Is Jean a con man, or just incompetent? Or both?
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Jean, I want my $5 back
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Mr. Jean, 40, writes with indignation about insinuations that he had used his charity, Yéle, for personal gain. He says he did not need to — “I have a watch collection worth $500,000”— and that doubters will someday understand “Yéle is Haiti’s greatest asset and ally.”

Long ago, I thought his reputation was overblown, given that he was scoring hits with such obscure covers as "Killing Me Softly," and "No Woman No Cry." There was a heavy whiff of fraud about him, to me, but my friends called me a hater.

Now he brags about his watch collection, and talks like every other tinpot dictator about his failed monument to himself. And he does this in regards to Haiti, which is more in need of honest leadership than almost any other country on the planet--the country which made malignant leadership an international brand.

You can make Carmel-by-the-Sea a vanity project. But Haitians have had their hopes raised and dashed a thousand times, and have been abused by the wealthy, for hundreds of years.

Mr. Jean will be in need of a great deal of forgiveness. I hope he has the humility to ask for it.
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“I have a watch collection worth $500,000”
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Even the wealthy steal.
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I hope he has the humility to ask for it.

He won't. Given what I've heard about his charity and run for presidency, I'm inclined to give more credence to the things that Lauryn Hill has said about Wyclef.
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The Smoking gun had this covered a while back with paperwork

Part 1

Part 2

I am surprised any money at all made it to actual charitable activities
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Oh man, it seemed like something was off when I bought the Yéle Haiti Earthkeepers boot and subsequently learned only $2 of the proceeds went to the charity. It's still a really good soft hiking boot but I scratched the logo off the tongue because ewwwww.
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I also called bullshit on this grifter and got yelled at my Tweeple.

So yeah, I was right and you were suckers.

And hopefully this fuckwit will end up in jail.
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Terrible. The poverty and corruption that continue to plague Haiti are heartbreaking.
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Not surprising. I never donated to Yele. Instead, I donated to Partners In Health (the charity that Arcade Fire supports) for Haiti. I always felt that Regine cared more deeply for Haiti than Wyclef ever did.
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