Maker's Mark bourbon whisky
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If you're ever in Loretto, Kentucky, you're welcome to pay a visit to the Maker's Mark bourbon distillery, a National Historic Landmark. Until then, why not pour yourself a taste and watch this video?

There are some nice pictures in this slideshow. There are even more in this coffee table book.

How the liquid gold gets from Loretto to your glass is a second story - which is told in this video interview.
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Maker's Mark is some fine hooch. This post reminded me of an episode of "Stephen Fry in America" in which he toured the Woodford Reserve Distillery. Not Maker's Mark mind you but it's still fun to watch Mr. Fry have a tipple.
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If you're ever up this way, do the big tour if you have time, the Bourbon Trail. There's a rich history behind all of the bourbons of KY, the distilleries are fascinating (I love the fundamental simplicity of how bourbon is made, especially considering how diverse the products can be), and many distilleries let you sample!
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Just did the Bourbon Trail 2 weeks ago. We visited Four Roses, Woodford and Buffalo Trail. Woodford had the best tour of the three.
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My first time with Maker's Mark was New Years Day, 2000. We were on the way home from the Widespread Panic shows in Atlanta. Laurie had upgraded us, so it was quite a nice surprise after being up all night to be handed the drinks menu. I hadn't had Maker's before, and I haven't had very much else since.
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I love Maker's Mark. I signed up to be an ambassador. Every so often I get free knickknacks like coasters.
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Maker's is my preferred bourbon for eggnog. Good stuff.
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I did take a trip with my dad down to a few of the Kentucky Burbon distilleries. While I remember the Burbon, I am more inclined to remember how amazing it was walking through the ancient warehouses. One thing that is not obvious from pictures, it smells absolutely amazing from the old wooden barrels that they age the Burbon in.
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I'm a big Maker's fan (and of wheated bourbons in general, they go so well with desert), but it's not that much better than Evan Williams that it should cost three times more...
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Although if you're ever in the store and you see that Maker's 46 they started selling recently, it is totally worth it.
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While in KY for a friend's wedding, I took my wife to several of the distilleries (I used to be a tour guide at a very well known Tennessee distillery so I was a source of amusement, information and annoyance for the other people on our tours).

The Maker's distillery is set in a wonderfully scenic little valley, and was pretty neat. Watching the ladies dip the bottles in wax was a definite highlight, as was the ability to dip your own bottle, if you so desired. However if you're in the area, our far and away favorite thing was eating at the shaker village and wandering the grounds afterwards.
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I've always had a million dollar idea to promote the Bourbon Trail overseas as part of a "Quintessential America" tour.
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What a coincidence. Just as I saw this post here, I happen to be sipping a Manhattan made with Maker's Mark.
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Elmer T. Lee, for me, is my plea.
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Wow, 1f2frfbf's story & impressions is almost identical to mine. My friend's wedding was at the My Old Kentucky Home State Park, it was October in either '99 or 2000, the sun was shining, and the natural beauty around there was pretty breathtaking. I missed the shaker village, but I enjoyed dipping my finger in the wort at the MM distillery. When they explained why their bourbon is smoother than most (corn grown in limestone-rich, thus low-iron fields), I bought it hook line & sinker and I have trouble drinking any bourbon besides MM.

Also, go to the fireman's museum and watch the video of the Heaven Hill Distillery fire. It's pretty impressive.
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Came in to do a Maker's Mark and the Funky Bunch joke, couldn't come up with one, will have a drink instead.
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Great! I actually don't like MM very much (I prefer Van Winkle or Bulleit, or in a pinch 4 Roses), but they do have a beautiful distillery. For my money, though, the best tour is Buffalo Trace.

And yes, the smell of a warehouse full of wooden casks and leaking bourbon is hands down the best scent ever. In fact, I am dedicated to Commes de Garcones Series 6 Synthetic Tar cologne because it reminds me of that smell in some weird way.

And yes, we have breathtaking natural scenery in Kentucky! Come see us and I'll buy you a couple fingers of sweet, sweet bourbon and take you to Shaker Village! Offer good for any and all mefites!
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Makes a hell of a Sazerac.
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I watched this while sipping Knob Creek, and now I feel rather naughty.
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♪♫ There are many choices in this life
That we don't get to make
Like who's your pa, where your from
And when the leaves are down it's time to rake

But you can choose your drinking partner
And mine ain't from Tennessee
Yes, it's straight Kentucky bourbon for me
Oh yes, it's sweet Kentucky bourbon for me ♪♫
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