Wegman and Smith's "The World of Photography"
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The World of Photography (vimeo link, 24 min) was an episode of Alive From Off Center where William Wegman and Mike Smith helped you to see whether photography is for you. Learn about basic equipment like vests and sandwiches, get a quick but comprehensive lesson on depth of field, and find out how to make your boot photos really pop!
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It's interesting how the basic physics of photography (capturing light) are unchanged from the time of Aristotle, yet relatively small aspects of the technology have evolved so much just in the past thirty years that significant portions of tutorials like this one are now obsolete. Discussion about film, for instance, or statistics like how many photos are taken by people around the world every minute...today, everybody from kids to seniors is carrying a camera-phone and snapping away without cost or concern.

That said, this "tutorial" is a bit weird for my tastes. It also sort of seems like these two guys took a grab bag of random photography terms/concepts and just shotgunned the lot of 'em. In today's world of YouTube, Lynda, etc. this isn't a video I'd bother bookmarking, but I suppose I'm not artsy enough to be its target audience.
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I had totally forgotten about Alive From Off Center, but this reminded me of it, and further reminded me that this was that show I could never remember that I first saw the Brothers Quay's "Street of Crocodiles" on. Yay!

I was just trying to talk my partner into going to the MoMA exhibition of their work with me last night, but I think all I succeeded in doing was giving her nightmares about puppets.
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Needs more opener.
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That's pretty much my day every day. Especially the cage.

Cribcage, this is not a tutorial in any real sense - it's quite clearly comic satire. Witness the equipment cage, the tiny prints in the full-size portfolio, the "aptitude test", the ridiculous shoots the photographer was doing etc.
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