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A documentary about Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, parts one and two, by Michel Parbot (fr.wikipedia), broadcast on Dutch TV in 1980 (so the first 30 seconds or so are in Dutch).

This version is sadly not complete, as this fascinating article details. The documentary linked above is the one referred to at the bottom of the first page.
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So, there are several institutions that have the full copy, but nobody has released it? I wonder why? My money is on some kind of rights issue.
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Oh, and, for anyone who wants more Star Wars documentaries as seen previously on metafilter:

Star Wars Begins
Building Empire
Returning to Jedi
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Star Wars? I hate that guy!
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I wonder if this is the docco I saw in or about 1980 from which I learnt of the existence of Star Wars, Tauntons and the Degobah system. I've been looking for that for decades.
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I am just watching this now, over dinner, but THIS FOOTAGE is what I have been looking for for #) YEARS. Thanks MetaFilter, YOU ARE THE BEST.

(I have deeper thoughts about how producers are more awkward and such, but later).

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