O Universo Musical de Baden Powell
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O Universo Musical de Baden Powell. A documentary about one of Brazil's most loved musicians.
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hmmm not the Baden-Powell I was thinking about.
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Second the Boy Scot thing.
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Thanks! Having spent a significant part of my career around professional musicians, it still blows me away to find out that most everyday (and even, musically knowledgeable) Americans haven't heard of Baden Powell. Nor have they heard about the genius of the late Raphael Rabello

Powell and Rabello are two of the finest guitarists who have ever lived. Unreal technique, unparalleled talent, and an understanding of the passion that underlies music, like few others prior, or since.
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Thanks for posting! One of my favourite guitarists. Check out his awesome version of 'Round Midnight.
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Thanks!! This is spectacular.
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So, so awesome. And great timing, as I just went out to a Brazilian jam session in, of all places, Kentish Town (London) last night. So much great music out of the gumbo cultures of the world
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