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Mad Men season five in review (audio) - As the latest season is released on DVD the Nerdist Writers Panel talks to creator Matthew Weiner, showrunners Andre and Maria Jacquemetton, and writer Erin Levy about the show.
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Jared Harris discusses his role (spoilers). 
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Nerdist has to be the fastest 0 to MASSIVELYOVERBLOWN in podcast history.

People who were paying attention knew that Chris Hardwick had legit nerd cred from his years spent in relative obscurity post-Singled Out. But holy fuck, Nerdist went from a fun podcast to wildly overcrowded "network" in no time flat.
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I'm gonna meh on your meh, because this is the good shit, and worth listening to if you're watching the show or just interested in how TV storytelling is done in general.
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I thought this was the best season of Mad Men to date and I was genuinely angry that it got snubbed at the Emmys. It was a beautiful, profound, and accurate exploration of what it means to be a woman in a "man's" world--I know, among other things. That sounds banal because so many people/shows/films/etc try and fail at conveying that sentiment...but Mad Men succeeded. For me it's right up there with Season 2 of The Office and Season 4 of The Wire on the list of best seasons of television ever.
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I'm sorry, I didn't mean to meh on your post. I was just making an offhand remark about Nerdist Industries in general. A lot of the content is good, Todd Glass's show is revelatory, but a whole lot more of it is totally unnecessary, and totally un-nerd.

Baba Booey, seriously?
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The nerdist writer's panel is the only nerdist podcast I listen to consistently, actually. Chances are, one of the writers on any given podcast has worked on at least one show I've loved, and listening to the different mix of personalities and work environments is a pretty awesome behind-the-scenes look. Plus, I'd happily listen to Ben Edlund, Jane Espenson, Amy Berg, John Rogers, ect. talk about dryer lint if the chance arose.

So yeah the writer's podcast is totally nerdy, and if unnecessary, it's at least entertaining.
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The Ed Brubaker one the other week was also kind of awesome, though times just right to avoid him being able to avoid him bring able to say anything about his new, and first, show.
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That being said, I'm pretty excited about this one: not only because more mad men is always welcome, but I find it fascinating when Mad Men writers who aren't Matt Weiner talk about the show. Matt Weiner is awesome and all but I'm totally the type who has listened to all the commentaries on all the seasons and watches all of the behind the scenes clips on the AMC website. I know what Matt Weiner's take on the show is (hell, at this point I know Matt Weiner's therapist's take on the show). I don't know Erin Levy's.
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Somebody link to the bowling event they did. That was entertaining.


Oh you're welcome.
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Finally getting a chance to listen to this, and 41 minutes in, Matt Weiner has barely let anyone else get a word in edgewise. Not surprising, but a little disappointing.
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