If you've seen Babe, you wouldn't be able to eat this!
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Whoa, when did he add the i back to Jm.
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Please excuse the grammar. I words sometimed.
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I believe this was the beginning of the redemption of Tammy Faye Baker Messner, where she stopped being a homophobic huckster and started embracing the gay community.
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Wait.. Tammy Faye Baker and Jm. J Bullock? The same Jm. J Bullock who was raped on Too Close For Comfort? When.. what.. wait.. this was a talk show? Oh, clearly that's where they messed up. Cuz that's a sitcom if I ever heard of one.
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Twice in one lifetime Tammy Faye was part of an eccentric duo with a talk show featuring off-beat guests (as in, a couple of standard deviations off-beat)—and both times her partner was "Jim". I guess her time here was well spent.
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<climax>Zamora, the crossroads of the world</climax>, that Zamora?
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I guess I'd always assumed that Tammy Faye exited this show rather controversially due to a possible problem with J(i)m J.'s sexual orientation, and then I thought I must've been getting this show confused with another one I thought she left, The Surreal Life. After an admittedly half-assed internet search (which consisted of a Google inquiry and a glance at related Wikipedia pages), I'm not seeing any evidence that she left either program under any controversy. Is my tender, aging brain starting to just make shit up in order to embarrass me in front of groups of strangers at parties?
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Well I'll be damned. I clicked through the Zamora link thinking "What are the odds he's the guy I saw at a Renaissance Fair in Orange County, California in 1997?" and it turns out he is. He was a really nice and interesting guy to talk to.
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Actually -- and please correct me if I'm wrong -- I think she wasn't terribly awful to The Gays, even while on PTL. I'm sure people with more knowledge than I could give many examples of her being complicit with the usual homophobic evangelical rhetoric, but from what I recall in The Eyes of Tammy Faye, there were several clips where she was crying on behalf of AIDS patients.

That movie is worth watching for the puppets alone. Also, it is narrated by RuPaul.
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Here is a photo of Zamora performing in front of thousands on the second stage of Lollapalooza, 1992.
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Madamina is right. She was one of the first to reach out to AIDS patients, for example, when she was still with Jim Bakker, back when people caught major crap for doing so.

If you haven't seen The Eyes of Tammy Faye, you should. Really interesting documentary.
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...where she stopped being a homophobic huckster...
Was she ever known to speak harshly of homosexuals? I'd heard she displayed a pretty gracious attitude even back in the PTL days.
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I spent 3 years around PTL (1 year as an intern), and Tammy Faye was never homophobic, although I can understand the ease of guilt by association. She was one of the most accepting, open, warm, and loving people I have ever met. There were plenty of issues to be concerned about, and Tammy was just as human as any of us, but rejection, fear, and judgementalism were never part of her makeup. (Pun!)
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St. Alia of the Bunnies: "Madamina is right. She was one of the first to reach out to AIDS patients, for example, when she was still with Jim Bakker, back when people caught major crap for doing so. "

Surely she would have known that Jim J. Bullock / JM J. Bullock had been HIV positive since 1985.

xingcat: "... she stopped being a homophobic huckster..."

As BurntHombre has said, I believe you are mistaken. I can't recall that she every landed in the anti-gay/homophobic crowd of Televangelism. In 1985 on PTL (Praise the Lord) she interviewed Steve Pieters, a gay Christian minister with HIV. Part 1 & Part 2.
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You can keep your Tammy Faye; I'm a Jan Fan through and through.

I'm just sorry I couldn't find a video of her using her puppets and annoying her husband Paul. Those were the best times.
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Tammy Faye, from what I remember of the 80s and what I saw on The Surreal Life was definitely a sweet lady, and like my mother who doesn't hate teh gay, politics notwigthstanding, would welcome them into her home and feed them and give them love as much as anyone else. I had a newfound respect after watching her on Surreal Life.
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Jan Crouch is absolutely EVERYTHING they claimed Tammy was (when she wasn't). I don't understand how in the hell my mother watches that tripe. *sigh*
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I also chatted with Zamora at one of his shows (Camel Lights Tour, oh yeah!). He was a nice, normal dude who happened to be able to make a living by doing terrible things to himself. Much like Tammy Faye and Jim J.
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I don't understand how in the hell my mother watches that tripe.

I'm guessing she isn't a bored teen-ager up past 1AM in Orange County without cable, so I can't understand either.
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I saw this show once, when I was young. I'm glad it was real, as I was starting to believe it was some sort of Candle Cove type thing my brain made up.

I remember they had some sort of pro fighter on there who was demonstrating techniques, and J(i)m J jumped onto the punching bag and started slapping it cat-fight style.

Every time someone mentions Tammy Faye the image that pops into my mind is that of a woman looking surprised and confused on a stage as a tall man in a suit swings back and forth on a punching bag slapping the crap out of it...
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I loved her on PTL back in the day. Before the theme park fundraising took over the show, in addition to her singing, she had an adorably fake patio garden segment where she talked about Women's Things, like--surprise--make up. "Christians like to look pretty, too."

She cried so often on camera, she once explained, that she took to wearing waterproof clown make up for mascara. Later, in the documentary referenced above, she said, "Without my eyelashes, I don't know who I'd be, but it wouldn't be me."

On PTL, it was at once hilarious and touching when she came out pretty obviously tranqed up and would trip over a camera cable or, in one memorable show, wander to the back of the set in the middle of a scene with Jim to study the backdrop.

Still, despite her drug addiction, dippiness and naivete, she came across as genuine, authentic, real. And her singing always seemed to come from the heart.

If there is a heaven, I hope she's in it.
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To be fair, her first husband finally read the bible when he was in prison, and realized that he was wrong to have bilked thousands of Christians out of millions of dollars. He said he'd read only parts of the bible before he went to jail, and took some passages out of context. Sure. He may have misunderstood the part about not stealing, and thought it meant that greed was okay if one feeds only on the gullible. Wow. I bet he's glad he finally got that cleared up.

Tammy Faye doesn't seem to have gone back over the literature, however, and I guess her second husband didn't either. I noticed that she saw the light after the first criminal hubby was put in jail, and she divorced him. I suppose it was just as well, since the IRS had removed the source of their inspiration.

I remember the PTL Network, and Tammy's grotesque posturing. Okay, sweet and vulnerable, yet willing to bilk the faithful with a clear mind. Um...okay, a not so clear mind. I don't count it to her credit that she, unlike some other Christian hucksters, seems to have been open to bilking gullible folks of all persuasions, not just the straight white and gullible ones. All that means to me is that she threw a wider loop.

Affable hucksters are still thieves. I don't quite know how to express the feeling I have toward those who exploit the fearful and sick at heart: send me your money and I'll make you right with God. (But I will try.) It would be fitting if they turned out to be right--that there is a God, and he puts people into one of the circles of hell for shit like this.
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The whole documentary, The Eyes of Tammy Faye, is on the internet.

I remember when she was on the air, in make up and everything, on Larry King, looking like the spectre of Death itself, the day before she died.
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Wait, what? Is that Tim Cridland, Off The Deep End, that Zamora? He gets around!
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Tammy was clearly inspired by Betty Boop as a child.
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