The Phantasmagorical Four
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"That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons It’s clobberin’ time." Comics blogger Mike Sterling re-imagines the Fantastic Four in a Halloween mood.
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Please, please, please feature my favorite invented mash-up villain, Cthulactus.
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Galaczathoth would make more sense. The Silver Surfer could be one of the thousand forms of Nyarlathotep.
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Shades of The Reaching Hand, from Elseworlds 80-Page Giant.
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Actual dialogue? Where a prologue and a long exchange of letters would do?

Still... Very nice.
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I'll admit the slash fic for Sue Storm and Dagon, the Sub-Mariner was both hot and disturbing.
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By night all Arkham had heard of the great rock that fell out of the sky and bedded itself in the ground beside the well at the Reed Richards place. That was the house which had stood where the blasted heath was to come - the trim white Reed Richards house amidst its fertile gardens and orchards, where dwelt Reed, his wife, her brother, and a hired hand...

...Richards told Pym what queer things the specimen had done, and how it faded wholly away when they put it in a glass beaker. On an anvil it had appeared highly malleable, and in the dark its luminosity was very marked. Stubbornly refusing to grow cool, it soon had the house in a state of real excitement; and when upon heating before the spectroscope it displayed shining bands unlike any known colours of the normal spectrum there was much breathless talk of new elements, bizarre optical properties, and other things which puzzled men of science are wont to say when faced by the unknown. Hot as it was, they tested it in a crucible with all the proper reagents. Water did nothing. Hydrochloric acid was the same. Nitric acid and even aqua regia merely hissed and spattered against its torrid invulnerability...

...Winter came early, and was very cold. Pym saw Richards less often than usual, and observed that he had begun to look worried. The rest of his family too, seemed to have grown taciturn; and were far from steady in their church-going or their attendance at the various social events of the countryside. For this reserve or melancholy no cause could be found, though all the household confessed now and then to various symptoms and a feeling of vague disquiet.

His wife grew listless, pale, and thin. Her brother had the opposite complaint, growing ruddy and choleric. Richards himself exhibited a slurring of voice and a new manner of walking, almost a sloshing movement. The hired hand appeared in town only once after the rock fell, and that in a slouch hat and a great coat that covered all his person. He purchased some ointment in the general store; to ease a sheep through a case of mange, he said, his voice hoarse and newly deep. The hand that pushed the money over the counter was horny, hard, etched with a deep network of crevices. The clerk said later that the skin was a strange colour - one that belonged on nothing human.
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Please, please, please feature my favorite invented mash-up villain, Cthulactus

Imagine how many tentacles he'd have growing out of his helmet alone!
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If you ultimate nullify him he just reforms 20 minutes later and more cosmic.
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I must admit, the thought of a companion book "The Inferior Spiderman" amused me quite a lot.

This was quite well done.
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