Watch what you say!
October 18, 2012 12:48 PM   Subscribe keeps track of tweeting bigots so you don't have to. With long-term (well, since July) trend data.
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Not that more shaming/light-shining isn't a good thing for this matter. Still, the other thread's open.
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1.) When you first click on this, it says "0" for all results, and you are enheartened, then it kicks in and whoops, actually tens of thousands.

2.) It counts gay-positive results, of course - there's no way it can't. "I'm so glad I'm a dyke," "I am the very best type of faggot," et cetera. But these are obviously a tiny minority.

3.) "No homo" is being used to the point of absurdity these days. "I think I have to look into refinancing my mortgage - no homo." FOR REAL.
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