It's A Trap! Free music from Flosstradamus
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Here's a bit of noise for your Friday: three free EPs from the duo known as Flosstradamus. As the three X EPs are presented with minimal information and blind links to zip files, here are three links with more text and streaming versions of the song. Two more bonuses: Major Lazer's Original Don remixed by Flosstradamus, and Certified Trap, a 20 minute mini-documentary on Trap Music.
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Good shit.
posted by arcolz at 11:19 AM on October 19, 2012

Anyone else having trouble with ep3? I got 1 and 2 with no problem. I've followed and tweeted but still no love from ep3.
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I love these dudes. Their monthly parties at Town Hall Pub (an old dive bar in Chicago that was not at all a place for dance parties but was amenable to a bunch of young, poor, multiracial, hipster kids on mopeds taking over and throwing rap-rave dance parties if it would get people for a dead) launched the careers of Million $ Mano, Mic Terror, Hollywood Holt, Kid Sister, and the Cool Kids. Flosstradamus has been one of the biggest touring DJ acts in America for a minute, but it seemed like they were getting slept on, partly because their production wasn't as easily marketable as their peers who were making straight-up songs and albums, and partly because their shit tended towards the weird.

It's good to see their 1990s-rave-flyers-by-way-of-emojis rap x house x juke x tumblr aesthetic coming together with the rise of trap music. Couldn't happen to a nicer, more hardworking couple of guys.
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<< same here, can't download ep 3. Just finished listening to ep 1 and was happily surprised at the quality of the tracks. new sub-sub-genre and a new group to check out, thanks flt!
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I know nothing about these guys, but I'm willing to try them based on this post and elr's comment.
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I downloaded the EPs from other sources, and linked to Floss' site upfront after seeing that the link for the first EP worked. Sorry about the wonky 3rd link. With that, you can download the zip or individual songs here (the more text link in the OP).

FYI, these EPs feature more of the hardstyle influence that isn't found in earlier tracks like their remix of Original Don. Which is to say, they cover a lot of ground.
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Ah, this is fantastic -- I've been loving the new TNGHT ep and I didn't realize it was drawing on influences from the trap scene. This stuff is great.
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I know Josh and Curt a little bit. My experiences of them match elr's. Both are super nice dudes, and I'm glad they're starting to get more attention.
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Based on the comments in this thread, I'm going to give these a try. Thanks!
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if you like these guys and TNGHT...

you may also fall in love with this track from the Scottish producer S-Type and set it as your alarm clock song and wake up to it every morning.
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