Outtakes from horror and monster movies
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Photos from the sets of Jaws, Godzilla and various horror flicks.
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I agree strongly with one of the posts on the Jaws forum you link. This, for me, is one of the creepiest shots of the entire film. That scene still makes me squirm.
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Monster-pants is the best!
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The Godzilla photos made me smile.


I kinda miss how creative film makers used to be. Okay, I REALLY miss that. Not that Godzilla was a great film, but you only have to look at the Transformers franchise to see what happens when directors rely more on CGI than plot lines.

Peter Jackson gives me hope, though. I can't wait until The Hobbit comes to visit!
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Godzilla really IS a great movie. There's something weird and unearthly and terrifying about the whole set up before the monster shows up. After that we're in more standard rubber suit territory, but it's still good stuff.
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Yes, but, Godzilla created the standard rubber suit territory.
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Yeah. I hadn't seen Godzilla since I was a kid, but I watched it not that long ago with some friends, and was kind of surprised by how much it was actually a really good piece of filmmaking. (I think we might have watched the Japanese original with subtitles, which probably helps quite a bit.)
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I love Godzilla so much. These are great - these sites are all great.
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I hope they didn't film IT during summer, that Pennywise suit and makeup looks like it could kill you from heatstroke in half an hour of prancing around the set.
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Starting at this picture from The Gate is making me feel like I'm on drugs.
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Jesus I hated those little demons in The Gate. Especially when he steps on one when he's in the actual gate and it starts seizing and writhing... makes me want to gag just remembering.

Reclining Quint and tired Xenomorph can split the grand prize.
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In the "various images" link, I was amazed/horrified by Linda Blair's ability to stay in character in pic #13. Then I saw pic #40 and was like...oh.
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That photo from the Gate is all about making a set work with forced perspective.
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The exorcist photos still manage to be creepy as hell.
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