Professor Serling
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Rod Serling discusses writing. A conversation.
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damn, I wish smoking wasn't so bad for you.
It's so cool.
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Before I clicked play, I thought..."hmmm...30 minutes, he'll go through a pack of cigarettes in that amount of time..", he wasn't three seconds in before he took a puff....

Now I'll go back and watch the whole thing, and then probably go buy a pack of cigarettes...
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I found this online a few months ago. It's really excellent.
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Thanks for posting this. I've always loved this Mike Wallace interview of Serling.
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Was there something similar in color a while back? I remember being distressed at how orange he was.
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I just heard this show this weekend. Rod's daughter Ann, on her father's death. Highly recommend.
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I was lucky enough to go to a writing seminar he led when I was in high school. he was warm, kind and a great teacher. Thanks for the post.
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So cool to see him speaking in this sort of context.
Love how he always says the person's name as he's addressing their question. A little bit like the Jeff Daniels character in Something Wild.
But man, yeah. He even looks like a cigarette.
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I'm only seeing him addressing the women by name.

*goes back to listening to see if he has any advice she hasn't heard before, or advice she's heard a zillion times in another form and finally understands when she hears Sterling's version*
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/looks down at hand

/a cigarette has appeared.

I don't even smoke!!!!
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I’m only seeing him addressing the women by name.

It looks like there’s only one woman (Doris) in the bunch, but Serling does name-drop many of the men (Dave, Dick, George, Steve), a number of whom are puffing away on cigarettes as well. A really fine performance, all in all, both by him and the students, who seem alert, interested, ask good questions, and really take advantage of their opportunity.

I wonder who they were, how they were chosen, where this took place... and why does Serling wear a couple of different outfits — was this part of a series of classes? (The little statue behind him looks like the Nittany Lion shrine at Penn State.) Looking around online I found this account of a writing seminar Serling did 50 years ago at Antioch College in Ohio, and an extensive series of notes one woman kept at the time.
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mea culpa

I should have previously-ed

This is the shit.
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He came back to Antioch College and the surrounding area several times to teach.
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