What was the weather like on a certain day in April, 1891?
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USF's collection of maps of America. Includes killing frost dates from 1911, Hog production circa 1860, 1900, Paths of Western Exploration and many more.
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Position of the Earth, Moon, and Sun during Spring and Neap Tide, 1891

Why would I want to know?
It's time travel.
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amazing, thanks for this. Cartographilia!
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Autumn Killing Frost is a killer name for a band.
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My killing frost came a week early this year.

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Interesting. My killing frost was over a week early.

The 1906 and 1911 maps show the average temperature for July in this region as 65-70. It is to laugh!!

The year I arrived here it was 105 degrees May 5th. Hasn't hit that since, but July have been at minimum 20 degrees more than the '06-'11 averages. We're talkin' the last 30 years.

I got your global etc right here, DU!
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killing frost dates

A college professor in Texas said that first frost dates progress down from North Dakota to Texas by about one week per state.
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Old maps were just in the news:

Los Angeles Public LIbrary's maps collection is about to get a lot better due to a find in an old cottage who's owner had recently died. Strewn around were many thousands of maps and globes, some dating to the 1500s.

Creason called the find unbelievable. "I think there are at least a million maps here," he said. "This dwarfs our collection — and we've been collecting for 100 years."

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