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To clarify: eight families that each include a couple that wants to get married; not eight families that want to form a 16-or-more-person marriage.
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That 'always finish each others sentences' photo really is priceless.
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whole thing made me cry
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These stories by New Left Media are wonderful. To be more clear, these incredible narratives are from folks in the four states with marriage equality ballot initiatives this November. Also available in video form. Maine, Minnesota, Washington, Maryland.
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Thank you, Bill and Melinda Gates!

Bill and Melinda Gates donate $500K to gay marriage campaign.
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These videos are associated with online campaign.
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Just lovely. Marriage equality is one of those things that WILL change in our generation. It has to.
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There are numerous families at my kids' Minneapolis elementary school who would be affected negatively should the upcoming marriage bill pass in Minnesota. And two or three childfree couples on my block, too.

That's a lot of potential weddings I'd love to be buying Kitchenaid mixers for. I've got it blocked out in my budget already, because I'm an optimist.
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OK, ericb's link removed the last tiny shred of dislike I had left in me for Bill Gates. Well done, sir, well done!
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And the cool thing about the protest:
"The two — Julia and Auriane — revealed that they are actually straight, and their impromptu kiss was the only thing they could think to do to show their disdain for the anti-gay demonstrators."
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