R.I.P. Lincoln Alexander
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Lincoln Alexander has died at 90 years old. Among his many accomplishments, he was the first Black MP elected in Canada (1968 -- re-elected 4 times, in his last term appointed Cabinet Minister), served as Ontario's Lieutenant-Governor, was chair of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation, and that is just scratching the surface of his many contributions. A beloved citizen in Hamilton, the city named a Highway after him "The Linc" ... a running joke with him since he did not drive.

This 2003 interview with Alexander is candid and fascinating. includes everything from the story of how he stood up to the law dean at Osgoode for using the N-Word in class to a description of his work on an Ontario committee to end police profiling.

For fans of Canadian political trivia ... here is Alexander and fellow Conservative MP John Lundrigan interviewed after the infamous "fuddle duddle" incident, in which they were told to f-off by Prime Minister Trudeau in the house. Trudeau's classic "fuddle duddle" response also included.

[Apologies if there are ads before these last two videos... due to the name Lincoln it brings up ads for a movie about US President Lincoln, and the other may sadly give you some Canadian Heritage Ministry War of 1812 ads]
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In 1986 Alexander gave a speech and presentation at my high school. Very cool guy.
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I work for the federal government and it's always a bit of a moment of shock when you see the flag at half mast as it was when I got to work on Monday. RIP Mr. Alexander.
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I met Mr. Alexander once about ten years ago when a friend of mine invited him to speak at a gathering she put together to mark the UN day for the elimination of racial discrimination. He was a very impressive speaker even at his age. I'm sorry to hear of his passing but I hadn't thought of my meeting him in a long time, so thanks for posting this.
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He was the best Conservative I ever knew.
R.I.P., Linc.
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He has his own Coat of Arms that looks quite magnificent and fierce.
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I shook his hand when I graduated from the University of Guelph way back in the day. I can't remember what he said but his voice was so shockingly deep and rumbling that I came away thinking I had met a lion of a man.
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I met him a couple times at Guelph super briefly. Even if you didn't know anything about him you would walk away from shaking his hand feeling that you'd just met a great man, and you'd be right.
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Wow, two Guelph mentions! I remember being pleased when he took the Guelph gig (I was finishing up grad school at the time); I was so glad to be done with that program that returning to actual complete graduation was the last thing I would ever have done. I may have missed the chance for a hand shake from the man.
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I, too, was lucky to meet him at my convocation--he had a joke and a smile for everyone. RIP.
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Met him when he visited my high school with then-premier Bob Rae. Rae was very popular with students and most of us had never heard of Alexander. But he rapidly and easily won the crowd over. A great speaker and consummate politician.

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