Praying for an end to crime
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Winnipeg's acting chief of police, Devon Clunis, would like Winnipeggers of all faiths to pray for one another in order to help combat crime. While at least one person interviewed by the CBC likes the idea, saying that they left a life of crime after finding religion, ethicist Arthur Schafer says that Clunis should not be publicly advocating prayer while holding public office.
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But, but... what if people pray wrong?
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I always get a kick out of it when people doing something like this mention "people of all faiths", as if that somehow makes it inclusive of everyone. I'm sure that in their minds it does, but every time it happens I have to yell at my TV in a futile effort to make them realize they're wrong.
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But, but... what if people pray wrong?

Lets me just get the fat of a hanged man on the night of the new moon and get back to you.
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That headline appears to be sensationalizing a few not-especially-remarkable quotes from an otherwise-completely-unremarkable interview. And ironically, the "ethicist" seems to be deliberately inflaming that sensationalism ("No one chose him to be police of our souls").

Weak, and flagged.
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How many criminals regularly pray they don't get caught?
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I think we should refer to this kind of prayer against crime thing as Winnipegging. I am sure it will become extremely popular rather fast.
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