Cornel West cuts rap album
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Cornel West cuts rap album He's the king of black studies. There is none better. Sucka MCs can call him . . . professor! Sorry. The phenomena of rock stars trying their hand at acting, and vice versa, has never been pleasant. Now, celebrity academicians want- or at least this one from Harvard wants - to diversify? Isn't this talked about in the Book of Revelation somewhere?
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If the album is as silly as his rhetoric, I think I'll pass.
posted by Witold at 12:31 PM on November 6, 2001

There are a couple of other articles about this...odd...development here and here.
posted by arco at 12:38 PM on November 6, 2001

Don't forget about the lead singer of the seminal punk rock band Bad Religion, who was an evolutionary history professor at UCLA (I think that's where it was).
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I have not heard the record but I hope it is more sensible than many of the silly things West says from time to time (ex: OJ Simpson is innocent because I am his friend and know he would not kill).
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Hey, I like West. Prophesy Deliverance! was one of the most interesting things I read in one of my Religion and Philosophy classes in college. I am looking forward to hearing what he does with this project.
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In addition, [Bad Religion] singer/songwriter Greg Graffin is working on his Ph.D. in Paleoanthropology, which has become “a long term project, due to the fact that [he’s] pretty busy with the band.” Previously, Graffin taught Evolutionary History at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, where he currently resides.

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Cornel West is a giant. He says the occasional strange thing, true, he speaks off the cuff a lot of the time. His synthesis of different disciplines in his work and improvised speeches, though, is stunning.

That said, I've not heard the album. Just speaking up for a man who could crush anybody on this list with a thought.
posted by Ty Webb at 3:27 PM on November 6, 2001

i would like to see a battle between him and gza (the genius.)
posted by lotsofno at 3:36 PM on November 6, 2001

I'm shocked that no one has dropped a link to MC Hawking yet.

Sheesh, what happened to giving props where props are due?
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Actually, the earliest example of the academe-popular music connection would be Queen, all of whose members hold advanced degrees from Cambridge, I believe.(I'm sure someone out there will corredt me if i have the details wrong). Also, Dexter from the Offspring has some kind of degree in molecular biology. Could be a genuine phenomenon we got on our hands here or maybe they just turned to rock and roll when they realized that degrees don't get you laid.
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I'd rather listen to Saul Williams if I want hip hop with a conscience.
posted by atom128 at 6:03 PM on November 6, 2001

Causey from The Causey Way is an English teacher, and Gregg from the Angry Samoans is also a teacher. This game would be easier if it were librarians instead of teachers.
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Hugh Cornwell of British punk-era band The Stranglers was doing academic biochemistry research in Sweden, when he formed the band, but I don't think he ever finished his post-graduate studies.

Jazz trumpeter and music professor Donald Byrd put the group The Blackbyrds together with his students. They had a big hit with "Walking in Rhythm".
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David Lee Roth (formerly of Van Halen) has a doctorate in philosophy as well.
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