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In honor of the release of their new album, the experimental instrumental hip-hop group 3:33 (a side project of Parallel Thought) have released the free album 7 Sets of 7, an amazing series of surreal/atmospheric/old-school remixes of various hip-hop artists including Del The Funky Homosapien, Bone Thugs N Harmony, and MF DOOM. They're also offering for free their horror-influenced album The First Thousand Days.

BONUS FREE ALBUM: A Ride With The Southern Child, a collaboration between Parallel Thought and Southern rapper Gene the Southern Child.

BONUS BONUS: If you like this you may also like the noise-hop groups Dalek and Techno Animal.
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I will always, ALWAYS, love Bone Thugs N Harmony's first two albums. It gets dicey from there, but those two albums were so vital to me that whenever my shitty discount walkman would eat the tape I would tape it up, wind it back in by hand, make a new dub if I had to. By the time I finally got CD's I was probably on my 6th generation of dubs of E. 1999 Eternal.

This, I don't know. It's probably just me being old and not with it anymore, but I don't understand most of this really high art high concept hip hop that has came about since Anticon first appeared.
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Back in high school, when I was too cool to listen to anything other than grunge music, the first guy in our social group to get his license also happened to be the only rap fan. He definitely took great pleasure in subjecting anyone in his vehicle to it. Years later and I'm a bigger fan of hip hop than any other music - I know now that most of what he listened to was crap, but boy am I glad that I was forced to listen to his two favorites more than any others: Bone Thugs and Harmony and Tupac. Not only can I enjoy them for what they are, but I also get hit with a lot of nostalgic memories. 1st Of Tha Month is still my favorite alarm clock song.

Anyhow thanks for the post. Ms. mannequito is writing a paper in the other room so I'll have to hold off listening to the vocal tracks, but the instrumentals are fitting this gloomy late October day quite nicely.
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I just listened to 3:33's In The Middle of Infinity all the way through, except the 40-minute bonus track. Really great stuff. I think throwing the "hip-hop" label on it is a little forced (and misleading) but that's the nature of genres, sub-genres etc.
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Just listening to this now. Good stuff - thanks for posting!
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