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The Royal Spanish Library has put online today an interactive version of Leonardo da Vinci's Madrid Codices I & II. There are transcriptions of the text (in Spanish and Italian, click "T" on the bottom menu), animations of many of the mechanical contraptions (click play button "ver animacion") and the "Indice" in the bottom menu organizes the folios by theme.
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The interactive link is not working for me and the cache gets the 404.
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It's working fine for me, although it seems like it wants to be a little bigger than my browser/monitor will let it. There's a growing skepticism in special collections about skeuomorphic page turning interfaces, so I wouldn't mind seeing them drop that here, but otherwise, I'm very impressed, especially by the animations, which are a wonderful and very useful addition.
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On page 12, written in Spanish is this gem:

"Treatise of Statics and Mecanichs in Italian, written in 1493 as can be seen in the back of page 1. Contains 191 pages and is written backwards".

Does what it says on the tin.
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