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The New Taste Journal is a collection of well over 600 healthy and delicious recipes that were created using a wide variety of simple yet amazing natural whole food ingredients.
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I really like the no-frills layout of this site.
A different recipe site I used to frequent decided to do a complete overhaul recently, and now it takes much longer to load. Not everything needs a fancy background and Facebook links all over, especially when I'm trying to cook and read a recipe off my phone.
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This is very, very cool. I also like the no-frills layout and that it includes lots of pictures. I want to try the eggplant vindaloo. (I'm on an eternal quest to get good at cooking Indian food.) A lot of these seem especially good and as mentioned, have simple, high quality ingredients, i.e. Garlic-Romano Smashed Yukon Gold Potatoes and no cook pizza sauce (I make homemade pizza a few times a month). I'm also not vegan/vegetarian (I love meat) but I do like to have a lot of meatless meals and, the Pea Soup With Poblano Peppers and Potatoes sounds delish.

Thanks for sharing this!
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These look fabulous, thanks!
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Great resource, I'll definitely delve into this more, later.

The ragged text columns bugged me, but once I convinced myself they are like the worn eges of a well-thumbed book, I got over it.

I really enjoyed the breakfast ideas.
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Great looking recipes, although I was hoping for more tofu.
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Thanks! My husband is on a short term restricted diet and this site is great!
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Really average recipes on a pretty awful looking website.

Most of the meat recipes are terrible. He recommends trimming off the fat from a lean surloin roast cuts before roasting it? jesus thats going a bit far - it will just be too dry.
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shoesietart: I'd like to submit this favorite recipe of mine for red bean curry as one to add to your quest for at-home Indian flavor. It's quick, easy, cheap, delicious, and totally adaptable.

I will enjoy picking this over to see what's for dinner later this week. Thanks, troll.
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Kinda Eponyhysterical, as I thought we weren't allowed to feed the troll? So a self-feeding troll has evolved now?

As a food lover, great post. Favourited for when I am hungry and stuck, you know how it is.
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I thought I was going to click the link for "simple yet amazing" and find out that the 'natural whole food ingredient' was going to be semen or something equally ludicrous.

Thankfully, this is not that, and it looks like a great resource.
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I really wanted to like this but couldn't. Why is all of the food photographed so as to make it resemble a plate of sick?
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