Diapers for Bronies
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Greg Dean is the artist/writer of RealLife Comics, an online comic that's been running more than ten years. During that period he met Liz through a chat room, and they eventually married. Liz got pregnant and they had a daughter, Harper. Liz helps with the comic, but she wanted to come up with her own business, and now she has: Seams Geeky, seller of hand-made cloth diapers, embroidered with logos from My Little Pony.

For the Brony in all of us. Or maybe to let our babies express their opinion of the phenomenon...
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She's making them all by hand for the time being, but if sales volume goes way up, they'll probably get them from China.
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I hope she's got a licensing agreement. I have seen so many business go heads up for the lack of one.
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The My Little Pony phenomenon has finally convinced me those stories about the total infantilization of adults aren't without some merit.

Specifically super-duper white adults.

Also, cosplay.
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"A person on the internet has a spouse with an Etsy account" is a post now?
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