Bishop of Oxford lifts gypsy curse on football ground.
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Bishop of Oxford lifts gypsy curse on football ground. Reported in today's tabloids, my local football club, Oxford United, has called in the Bishop of Oxford to exorcise a gypsy curse on their new ground. However, as is usual, the truth is rather more mundane. Unfortunately it appears that the team's losing sequence to the start of the season is more likely down to the team being useless. Has your favourite sports team ever resorted to such desperate measures?
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This is a good Metafilter post. Just cut off that question at the end, and it would be a lot better. Please don't fish for discussions--just provide good material and they'll happen on their own.
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I think there was a voodoo curse on the superdome in New Orleans, and a second voodoo dr. or whatever was called in to undo it. I have no idea of the truth of this, but the reason it was initially cursed was that there were several low income housing projects leveled for its construction. Sounds similar to this, so it is probably an urban legend.

Now Benson is bleeding the state for another stadium or they'll move to Mississippi. Admittedly, the nosebleeds are dreadful in the dome, but they haven't even cashed in on the naming rights to it yet and they're on to another.

Supposedly the proposed new site also has a bunch of housing projects on it. Surprise.
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I asked because I know there are other examples out there, and I genuinely want to hear them. Maybe it comes from supporting a team (West Bromwich Albion) that has been useless for as long as I can remember.

There was a time when Barry Fry was manager of Birmingham City, and he tried to remove an old gypsy curse on the ground by urinating in each corner of the pitch! (I presume he didn't do this on a match day...)
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Yeah, right! Like some bishop is powerful enough to lift a Gypsy's curse. ;-P
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Curse of the Billy Goat - My poor, poor Cubbies.
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Please don't fish for discussions--.

Please don't tell people what to do.
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After tonight's 1-0 win away to Birmingham City, I feel obliged to point out that for this week only, West Brom are officially not useless. :-)
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