Wax Tailor/Dusty Rainbow from the Dark
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Trip-hop/downtempo DJ and producer Wax Tailor (autoplay media) just released Dusty Rainbow from the Dark (album trailer), a narrated concept album about childhood, melancholia, and escapism. Two videos Time to Go (featuring Aloe Blacc) and Heart Stop (featuring Jennifer Charles) have been released. The album combines vocal collaborations with movie-line heavy compositions constructed through the turntable and sampler. (An earlier example is I Don't Know from Tales of Forgotten Memories.)

(Personal opinion: It's not a perfect album but one worth checking out.)
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I woke up with a few lines from Tricky's Maxinquaye on my brain this morning. I guess I'm meant to tune into this. Thanks!
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This is fun. It's on Spotify for those who have it, along with an instrumental version.
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Thanks for posting this. I kept looking for a torrent (far too in advance), but that album trailer is pretty sweet; never seen one of those before. Wax Tailor can usually shut up and take my money, especially when he releases his instrumentals or a deluxe edition of the album.
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Charles' voice is always a treat. "Heart Stop" sounds like it could have come right off Lovage, which is fine with me.
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Completely unknown to me until today - thanks for this. Heart Stop is excellent.
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