Small town bomb scares.
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Small town bomb scares. Before: "Look, some poor guy left his briefcase here... guess I'll open it up and see who's it is." After: "Look, a bomb!"
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The article fails to mention that C4 explosives would've not only taken out the 5 blocks... but pretty much the downtown of Concordia.
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An old candid camera episode I watched had a person in Israel walk into a crowded area, put down a briefcase/satches/bag, then run like hell.

Of course, the people scattered. This was considered funny to the Israelis watching. I thought it odd, at the time.
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I'm originally from a small town, and the stories i've been hearing from back home are ridiculous....
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do tell, jessie
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A friend of my mom's (sounds like an urban legend already) sent a birthday card to some relatives. Apparently she never puts a return address on bday cards so they'll be surprised -- no big deal. Anyway, the family gets the card, doesn't see a return address, and it's postmarked from a 'larger' city nearby. With nothing else suspicious to go on, they freak and call the cops. I'm not sure where all it went from there.... Beautiful.
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If the terrorists had taken out that Casey's, America would have been ON ITS KNEES!!!
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