An Alien and a Rat vs. Two Monsters. Sounds right.
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In 2008, the Muppetheads behind the Tough Pigs staged their own muppety election, in which Ernie (and running mate Bert) won the Presidency over a Fraggle ticket of Gobo & Red. Now they're doing it again, but with Ernie not going for a second term and inevitable favorite Kermit not running either, the 2012 Muppet Election is between a Sesame Street ticket of Grover/Cookie Monster and a Muppet Show ticket of Gonzo/Rizzo. And yes, there is negative campaigning on both sides.

Yes, it was inevitable Gonzo would have a "Birthers" problem, and there are other parallels with current candidates, but this is NOT just another Election-based satire. THESE ARE MUPPETS (and as such, are better qualified than ALL the other candidates at all levels of Government, right?) Sit back and enjoy.
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Gonzo has a lot of heart and he sure dreams big. His links to many chickens may cause some difficulties though. But I predict Camilla will stand by her... well whatever Gonzo is. He's a little like a turkey.
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Wouldn't be the first time a muppet ran the country (see also, Wilson, Woodrow).
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Statler/Waldorf 2016: Yes, We're Still Alive And Laughing At You
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I would vote Statler/Waldorf for the actual presidency of the United States in a heartbeat.
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Don't make me choose. This is too hard.

If I had to choose, I want to vote Grover/Gonzo -- or Gonzo/Grover. Rizzo is too cynical and it's way too easy to bribe Cookie Monster.

Gonzo, though, clearly has no fear of anything, and Grover has demonstrated his incredible dedication to service.
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I'm voting Gonzo. We all know that Grover is a monster.
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I voted Grover/Cookie. I like Gonzo a lot, and a Gonzo/Grover ticket would be my first choice, but I just don't like Rizzo.

[Not Rat-ist]
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C is for Cookie. That's good enough for me.
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I want to vote for sweet loveable Grover, but his choice of running mate give me the creeps.
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Not quite...
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What the fuck? This is even a choice? Gonzo in a heartbeat. Grover hates immigrants and cookie monster is a total homophobe.
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Could be worse, Grover could've picked Elmo as his running mate - or is he underage?

I'd probably support any ticket with Rowlf as Vice-President. Better than Biden. (Although I'd love to hear Rowlf call something a "big fucking deal")

At least we were spared any primary campaign - can you imagine the rhetoric we would've gotten from Sam the Eagle?
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I'm sorry, is there a clear place where I can go vote? (for Gonzo, obviously.)
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An Alien and a Rat vs. Two Monsters. Sounds right.

Birther eh
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As much as I support Grover's stances on most every topic, I'm not sure I can vote for him. I'm specifically concerned that his duties as SuperGrover will interfere with his duties as POTUS.
Also, while his domestic experience is somewhat lacking, Gonzo has foreign policy locked DOWN (you can't get much more foreign than him) .
Lastly, concerns about Rizzo are overblown. One, Gonzo is f'ing indestructible, so no concerns with inheritance. And honestly? Rizzo is STILL better than Cheney or Ryan.
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I'd definitely vote for Statler and Waldorf, but only if they could both be president.
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My candidate was the Swedish Chef, but he dropped out after the first debate because no one could understand his answers to the questions.
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Cookie's the kinda monster who would totally wash his sweet Trans-Am in the Whitehouse drive (and then eat it).
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The debates should be like this. Or perhaps this.
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nevercalm: "cookie monster is a total homophobe."

I think you misspelled homophone.
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Whoever wins should tap Animal for Secretary of State.
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How can you people be so naive? Everyone knows that Statler and Waldorf are heavily involved due to their anonymous contributions to Pro Muppet Show SuperPACs.
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The results are in... it's Gonzo.
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