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Our Story in 1 Minute: "A tapestry of footage tracing the cosmic and biological origins of our species, set to original music" by Melodysheep (John D. Boswell). Aside from this latest video, Melodysheep has also recently posted a Bill Hicks/George Carlin remix - The Big Electron ("Two legendary comedians offer their perspectives on life, through song"); a remix of comedian Jim Breuer called Metal Songs for Kids, and a new Symphony of Science - Our Biggest Challenge: "A musical investigation into the causes and effects of global climate change and our opportunities to use science to offset it; featuring Bill Nye, David Attenborough, Richard Alley and Isaac Asimov."

"Our Biggest Challenge" is the 16th episode of Boswell's well-loved "Symphony of Science" series.

15 - We Are Star Dust featuring Neil deGrasse Tyson, Richard Feynman and Lawrence Krauss
14 - The World of the Dinosaurs featuring Alice Roberts, Bill Nye, Nigel Marvin, Dallas Campbell and more
13 - The Greatest Show on Earth (re: evolution, natural selection, DNA) featuring David Attenborough, Richard Dawkins and Bill Nye
12 - Onward to the Edge! (re: space exploration) featuring Neil deGrasse Tyson, Brian Cox, and Carolyn Porco
11 - The Quantum World! featuring Morgan Freeman, Frank Close, Michio Kaku, Brian Cox, Richard Feynman, and Stephen Hawking
10 - Children of Africa (The Story of Us) featuring Jacob Bronowski, Alice Roberts, Carolyn Porco, Jane Goodall, Robert Sapolsky, Neil deGrasse Tyson and David Attenborough
9 - Ode to the Brain! featuring Carl Sagan, Robert Winston, Vilayanur Ramachandran, Jill Bolte Taylor, Bill Nye, and Oliver Sacks
8 - The Big Beginning featuring Stephen Hawking, Richard Dawkins, Carl Sagan, Tara Shears, and Neil deGrasse Tyson
7 - A Wave of Reason featuring Carl Sagan, Bertrand Russell, Sam Harris, Michael Shermer, Lawrence Krauss, Carolyn Porco, Richard Dawkins, Richard Feynman, Phil Plait, and James Randi
6 - The Case for Mars featuring Robert Zubrin, Carl Sagan, Brian Cox, and Penelope Boston
5 - The Poetry of Reality featuring Michael Shermer, Jacob Bronowski, Carl Sagan, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Richard Dawkins, Jill Tarter, Lawrence Krauss, Richard Feynman, Brian Greene, Stephen Hawking, Carolyn Porco, and PZ Myers (previously)
4 - The Unbroken Thread featuring David Attenborough, Jane Goodall, and Carl Sagan (previously)
3 - Our Place in the Cosmos featuring Carl Sagan, Richard Dawkins, Stephen Hawking, and Michio Kaku
2 - We Are All Connected featuring Bill Nye, Carl Sagan, Richard Feynman and Neil deGrasse Tyson (previously)
1 - A Glorious Dawn featuring Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking (previously)

Melodysheep has also remixed Samuel L. Jackson - Go the Fuck to Sleep (the original audio previously on MeFi) - Bruce Lee - Billy Mays - Alan Watts - and Yoda; and has been tapped by PBS Digital Studios to make remixes of some of their most beloved icons - Mr. Rogers (previously) - Bob Ross (previously) - and Julia Child (previously).

*Boswell's YouTube channel and Bandcamp page
*Interview with MelodySheep and Symphony of Science Mastermind John Boswell
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The Hicks/Carlin song is excellent. Thanks for posting!
posted by mediated self at 4:06 PM on November 2, 2012

RIP Bill and George. I miss them both.
posted by davebush at 5:49 PM on November 2, 2012

My favourite is Ode To The Brain. I sometimes put this album on in the car, I love it for road trips.
posted by Theta States at 5:54 PM on November 2, 2012

Thanks a lot! This fits into my agenda as a high school aesthetics teacher, and I may be using this for years. (Oh, yeah, I should add that my interest in evolutionary in Denis Dutton's masterful work, or, less famous but more beautiful, Frederick Turner's out of print Beauty does inform my pedagogical bias.)
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I love how the Kleptones used that same Bill Hicks routine mixed with the Flaming Lips. Will have to give Melodysheep a full listen, thanks.
posted by Catblack at 9:14 PM on November 2, 2012

I now know exactly how I'm starting my World History survey courses from now on: that first video.

I've actually had the pleasure and honor of talking with Boswell, via email, and was grateful to get his permission to use some of the Colorpulse tracks for backing music for a short podcast segment I did for a year a while back. Really beautiful stuff.

And, for the record, I had to take "A More Glorious Dawn" off my iPhone because I kept tearing up in public listening to it. And Apollo 11, Journey to the Moon was on repeat for days earlier this year for an obvious reason.
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