We declare the world as our canvas
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Street art; we see it every day from Rio to Paris and even the Lebanon.
But then there is Guerrilla Crochet.
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I saw this very elaborate yarn-bombing at a busy corner in Reykjavik.

Those Icelanders and their knitting. I walked into a convenience store that had a yarn aisle. No joke.
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On preview I see infini´s mind is running on a parallel track.
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This is awesome - I would love to try it someday. I have a circular knitting machine on order and can't wait to expedite the process :-)
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The Wall Street Bull picture at Guerrilla Crochet link is the work of Olek, about whom I have posted previously.
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There's a "tree cozy" on a street tree in my block here in San Francisco in the SF Giants' colors (orange and black).
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*waves back*

adamrice, I've seen something similar in a park in Helsinki, each tree with patchwork done in hues of the same colour. I wonder if its a Nordic thing?
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The Classical Street Art of Borondo
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I love street art. The knitting/crocheting street art that I've seen in person has never really excited me, but I like the ones on the statues a lot. Neat stuff, thanks for posting.
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Whats up with the Human League reference; "the Lebanon"?
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Nice! Here are a couple from my city.
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San Jose, CA has some nice stuff as well. It's not uncommon to see people knitting during boring meetings around here; I hope that's at least one of the sources.
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I don't know what it says about me, but when I saw the street signs, my immediate reaction was, "NO YOU CAN'T DO THAT. THEY WON'T BE ABLE TO READ THEM WHEN IT'S DARK."
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I really need to do more yarn bombing.

Here's my photo album of yarn bombing in my area.
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This is too weird. I just learnt of this practice this morning from a woman who intends to decorate a streetlamp or something near where her knitting circle meets. Apparently there is a Memphis Knit Mafia. Elvis, eat your heart out.
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