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Oh to stretch one's legs on an airplane! Such a 1970s idea of traveling...BECAUSE it's been since 1976 since I could stretch my legs on a flight!
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This post was deleted for the following reason: Seems like a neat plane, but this is just a sort of shortish puff piece. Maybe there's a more substantial post to be made about the history and making of the 787? -- cortex

Best legroom I ever got on a flight was on a Tu-154 flying out of St. Petersburg.

I waited till we'd Landed before I told my wife everything I knew about the Tu-154 and it's safety record. I believe they don't fly them anymore...
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The Dreamliner’s windows — bigger than those on any commercial plane — don’t have pull-down shades; they go from transparent to dark with the touch of an electrochromatic dimming button. They’re also positioned higher, so even folks stuck in middle seats were able to get a view.

Higher windows! I like that, I'm tall enough that most airplane windows only come up to my shoulder level and I have to contort myself to see out.
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Flight from NY to Paris was the last time I ever allowed anything to be put in the seat in front of me. That's when I learned how important it is to be able to stretch my legs in what pitiful room I am allowed in my not-first-class seat. I haven't taken a flight nearly that long since then (2003), but wow... yeah, never again.
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