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This looks awesome and I look forward to having enough time to actually dig into it.
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It's pretty, and I'm sure they had a great time making it, and I wouldn't stand down-beam of the target.

"..world’s first handcrafted glass particle accelerator ..."

I'm sure Rolf Wideroe's accelerator, described here, was handmade, and glass.

Of course, what they describe appears to be Crooke's tube, which has been recognized to be a particle accelerator since about 1875, which was also handmade and glass.
posted by the Real Dan at 11:35 AM on November 8, 2012

When I was in elementary school, my dad (an engineer) came across plans for a do-it-yourself satellite dish, which he then proceeded to do himself. The dish itself was a metal trash can lid. The feedhorn (a word I just learned -- basically the part that points to the sky) was a length of 6" PVC. I don't know what kind of electronics were inside.

The whole thing was mounted on a pole just outside my parents' bedroom window (conveniently behind a large cedar tree, because my dad was afraid the illegality of the whole thing would get him in trouble with someone; not sure who). A cord ran down the pole and through their bedroom window, then across the floor to the TV.

It picked up one channel, with lots of static, and it required several trips outside to get the adjustment just right so there was more picture than static, but it was so cool because, man, we had a cable channel!

I remember that The Jerk was on one night. I guess a raunchy bit came along, because my parents made me go brush my teeth. :(
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