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NASA will send you an email or text alert when the International Space Station is visible from your area. IBM scientists have recently made significant advances in nanotechnology. A mathematician thought a poorly-encrypted headhunting email from Google was testing him, but he had actually discovered a major security hole. All of this found via The Brief: A Daily Briefing of Technology News Worth Caring About from MeFi's own nostrich. [via mefi projects]
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Thanks! I look forward to seeing the international space station!
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nostrich also edits "The Feature" (previously titled "Give Me Something To Read") which is "a hand-picked selection of the finest articles and essays saved with Instapaper."

Basically, a great selection of awesome longish reading material.
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. /.
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The ISS is half commie and I refuse acknowledge that half. Don't get me started on the socialist Canadarm, always wanting to give somebody something for free!
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For truth. 47% of the ISS just wants Canadhandouts.
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Bookmark for the blog.

Mathematician Zach Harris is crush-worthy. If he were on MeFi I would enspouse him.
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The scene: a large meeting at NASA Johnson Space Center, perhaps the EVA Tools Panel.

An electric current runs through the people at the table and around the room as 50 cell phones set to vibrate go off at once.

The phone of the one dumbass who forgot to switch his or her phone to vibrate beeps.

Your heartbeat hammers in your ears as you fish out your phone, afraid of what the emergency could be that would be sent to this room, filled with these people.

Your ears pop as the room collectively sighs with relief, as you all just learned that the ISS will be visible from Clear Lake tonight.
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My problem with the various daily digest pages including this one is that by the time I get it, there might be one story I haven't seen and the rest is "old news". I guess it's good if you don't follow any tech sites though, or want to catch up.
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I hate tech sites; they're a flood of info I could do without and yet feel compelled to slog through when I saw them in my feed reader (before I just mass-unsubscribed from them). I'm happier trusting "filter" sites like The Brief -- and Metafilter, coincidentally -- to sift through the dreck and bring to me freshly curated tech news that I may sip from the stream without drowning in the river.
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Cool! Thanks davidjmcgee!
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I use ISS Detector on my smartphone to find the ISS. It also shows Iridium flares, Hubble, and about a gillion other satellites. I only use it for the ISS and Iridium flares, though.

I also use Sky Safari a lot, lately. It's helped me find Uranus and Neptune and a few other things I hadn't seen before.
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Track the IIS and other satellites at:
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Great stuff. Had to mail Nasa about their form not validating email adresses using a '+' tag deliminator. Yeah, that's right, I called out Nasa on a tech issue.
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NASA will send you an email or text alert when the International Space Station is visible from your area

Or you can plan ahead plan ahead .
See here also.
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