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Every month, Ian Anderson, editor of the UK music magazine fRoots, puts together a free 80-minute podcast of the past few weeks' best world music and folk music tracks. He has excellent taste - by which I mean it coincides largely with my own - and provides by far the best substitute I've yet found for Andy Kershaw's much-missed Radio 3 show. The same link has an archive offering the past four years' worth of fRoots shows for you to catch up on.
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Ian Anderson should not be confused with Ian Anderson or Iain Anderson. Iain Anderson often plays records by Ian Anderson, however I've never heard him play anything by Ian Anderson despite the genre overlap.

That said, nice podcast. I'll listen when my headache subsides.
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Thanks for this!
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Ian does extremely valuable work with fRoots, both online and in print. He's a very interesting human; active on the facebook and currently playing with Ben Mandelson (3 Mustaphas 3, Billy Bragg's Blokes etc etc) in The False Beards.
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Just listened to the most recent episode, and it was great, but I can't find the rss feed when i search using my podcast app. Can I subscribe to this podcast?
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Scroll down to the the "Subscribe through iTunes" button here.
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Ericthegardener, assuming you're on an iPhone, click here. Took me 15 minutes to figure that out.
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Thanks y'all! Subscribed and loving it.
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This is really good. Thank you!
posted by Richard Holden at 12:28 AM on November 12, 2012

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